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maxresdefaultOne of the best highlights of 2016 was the Cruiserweight Classic tournament that the WWE held on the WWE Network. Most of all of your 205 Live stars all wrestled in that tournament and they impressed the hell out of us. The next highlight from the network was the WWE UK Tournament that gave us a look at guys like Trent Seven, Mark Andrews, Tyler Bate, and one of featured wrestlers today in the bruiserweight Pete Dunne. A massive cruiserweight that beats the hell out of you like he was a heavyweight. Well, back in April of 2016, the WWE held a qualifying match for the Cruiserweight Classic at Progress Wrestling at the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town, London at Progress Chapter 29: Practically Progress in Every Way. which saw Dunne take on the Gentlemen Jack Gallagher. Jack started the match by showing Pete his superior grappling skills that looked like he was applying a butterfly submission right into a pin attempt. Pete would leave the ring to regroup, but when he came back in he showed Gallagher his wrestling skills with a front face lock. Jack being the showmen that he is, simply tiptoed his way out of the front face lock which angered Dunne.

38Gallagher continued to show again when he did a handstand in order to escape the side headlock that Dunne had locked in. Dunne would then try to resort to some brawling like techniques, but Gallagher was again on top of his game embarrassing the Bruiserweight. Gallagher would stick to his gameplan of grappling by applying the octopus like submission hold on to Dunne. It wouldn’t be long though until Pete had his opportunity after Gallagher failed to keep him in the hold. Dunne would start his path of destruction with a big elbow to the jaw and he followed it with a underhook lift and toss that slammed Gallagher to the mat and hurt the gentlemen. He would continue to punish Gallagher working on the legs with some stomps and even a reverse figure four leg lock. Dunne’s only problem in the match is that he allowed himself to get distracted by the audience which always allowed Gallagher back into the match. It worked again as he started trading forearm shots with Dunne to which he ended with not one or two, but three dropkicks that put him in firm control of the match again. It was the chance he needed to change the momentum.

39Dunne would attempt to regain the advantage by biting the hand of Gallagher, but the referee catching him gave Gallagher the chance to lock him into a single leg King Crab (really the Boston Crab). They were starting to throw everything at each other which spelt that the end was near. Dunne would get himself out of the crab and he would nail Gallagher with the crash landing, but unfortunately he couldn’t get the pinfall. He would then hit Gallagher with a powerbomb but Gallagher wasn’t giving up that easily. After missing a gentlemen’s dropkick, Dunne would roll him up for the pinfall, but the referee stopped the count after seeing Dunne use the ropes for leverage. With the referee yelling at him, it gave Gallagher the chance to hit him with the Gentlemen’s dropkick, but Dunne would kick out of the pin attempt at two. After enduring some offense from Dunne, Jack was finally able to lock in the Achilles lock which was all it took to get Dunne to tap out. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.