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4The match that we chose for today started out as a singles match between then US Champion Antonio Cesaro and then WWE Champion CM Punk. The match caught my eye because it wasn’t in a WWE ring, but in NXT at Full Sail University. I thought it was the coolest and weirdest thing so I decided to watch the match especially considering how much I miss CM Punk. The match started with CM Punk throw some kicks at Cesaro like they were jabs, but Cesaro was going to quickly learn that Punks collar and elbow tie up game was on point. Much of what happens next doesn’t quite matter because it’s a turn of events that will change the very make up of the match. After escaping a good headlock from Cesaro that was applied for a least a couple of minutes with a suplex, Punk was on a roll. He was hitting Cesaro with some good knife edge chops and a body slam to set him up for an elbow. When Punk got to the very top to hit, Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) showed up and knocked Punk off of the top forcing the referee to call the match. As both men were attacking Punk after the bell, NXT Champion Seth Rollins came to the aid of CM Punk.

40After the ring was cleared, Punk would issue a challenge to Cesaro and Ohno in the form of a tag match with Seth as his tag team partner. Cesaro and Ohno started to walk away which forced Rollins and Punk to chase them up the ramp and they brought them back to the ring. Punk would start the match with Ohno, but it was very brief as he tagged Rollins in and he laid Ohno down on his knee with Rollins climbing the rope and coming down on Ohno. The crowd was dubbing Punk and Rollins the “Kings Of Wrestling” during the beginning stages of the match. After another quick assault and tag, Ohno was finally able to separate himself from Punk to make the tag to Cesaro, but Cesaro was in for some punishment with a quick toe hold from Punk that was quickly turned into a dangerous Muta Lock. Luckily for him, he made it to the ropes before it was too late. Cesaro seriously needed to regroup with Ohno because Punk and Rollins were in full control.

41The team’s break would finally come when Aksana grabbed Seth Rollins foot who was looking to do a springboard move of sorts, but ended up getting the boot of Cesaro to the face. Cesaro and Ohno were working like a fine oiled machine surprisingly as they continued to assault Rollins as they made frequent tags to keep themselves fresh at all times. Anytime Rollins tried to create separation, they would cut him off with some impressive kicks from Ohno. There was one moment when Punk tried to fire up Rollins by getting the crowd involved and it looked like it was working as Rollins was hammering away on the both of them, but then Ohno caught him square in the face with a big boot that stopped that. At one point, Rollins was able to separate himself from Cesaro, but when he went to make the tag to Punk, Punk wasn’t there thanks to the legal man Ohno making sure of that. Punk coming into the ring to retaliate back allowed Cesaro and Ohno to bring Rollins back to their corner. Cesaro and Ohno were really looking like a dangerous tag team and it’s too bad that nothing ever came of this combination in NXT or the WWE.

42Cesaro tried to keep Rollins grounded and away from Punk, but that obviously wouldn’t last very long after an enziguri allowed him some time to tag Punk in. Punk exploded out of his corner and into the ring at a poor Ohno who wasn’t expecting that at all. After a springboard clothesline, a back heel kick to the face, and a swinging neckbreaker, Punk set him up for the step up high knee to the face in the corner and the running bulldog right afterwards. Punk tried to set Ohno up for the GTS, but Ohno countered out of that. Ohno tried to set Punk up for the rolling elbow shot, but he missed and punk hit him with a bodyslam. Punk would climb the ropes and he’d hit Ohno with the flying elbow drop, but during the pinfall attempt, the referee was not there and Cesaro would attack Punk. After failing to double team Punk, CM had Ohno in the air for a GTS (and hit hit succesfully) and Rollins hits Cesaro with a skywalker. Punk covered him and they got the 1-2-3 for the win. After the match, JR mentioned something about how somewhere, someday that we would see this match, but unfortunately we never did get to see this match at all. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.