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45.pngThere is a reason why I chose this match for today’s main Event Madness and it’s for the reason that Kurt Angle has brought back a match that hasn’t been seen in 17 years. Of course, I am talking about the Attitude Era match, The Dumpster Match which was first contested in 1998 by The New Age Outlaws who took on Cactus Jack and Terry Funk. The last time, it happened was in 2000 when The Outlaws took on The Dudley Boys and it disappeared forever until last night when Braun Strowman faced Kalisto. The week before, Strowman had disposed Kalisto by beating him senseless and he dumped him into a dumpster. Kalisto would eventually confront Kurt and he asked for a match against Strowman and Kurt gave it to him. Kalisto was literally trying everything against Braun using his speed to his advantage with some kicks to the face and a spinning jawbreaker that actually made a dent on the big man. Kalisto though tried going to the well one too many times by climbing the ropes for some aerial moves, but Strowman is too strong. He caught Kalisto in mid air and had him in a vertical suplex position and literally tossed him like a rag doll.

46You had to wonder what in the world was Kalisto going to do against this monster of a man. After manhandling him a little, Strowman tried to carry Kalisto over to the dumpster, but that almost cost Strowman the match as Kalisto tried hard to get him into the dumpster. After decimating Kalisto some more with some clubbing blows, he once again tries to throw him in a dumpster, but Kalisto catches the rope and doesn’t go in. So Strowman decides to climb out of the ring and onto the ring apron which wasn’t a smart choice for the big man. As Strowman lifted in a military press slam position, Kalisto wiggled his way out of it and back into the ring where he would drop kick Strowman’s legs out from under him and into the dumpster. Kalisto was the winner of the dumpster match which angered the big man. After the match, Braun literally destroyed Kalisto and thew him in the dumpster like he was trash. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.