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29For today’s Main Event madness match, I chose a match that was announced the week before on NXT that would feature the WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate defending his crown against The Gentlemen Jack Gallagher. Tyler Bate won the title back in January when he defeated Pete Dunne in the WWE UK Championship Tournament. Tyler has already defended the WWE United Kingdom Championship once before when he defeated Trent Seven on NXT. Now he was facing Cruiserweight Classic competitor and 205 Live regular Jack Gallagher who was looking to upset the champ and walk out with the belt. Both men tested each other in the technical wrestling department with wrist locks and front face locks, but the first go around ended with Jack Gallagher doing his escape act with a handstand. They would lock it up again with Gallagher locking in the full nelson, but Bate showed off a little bit with a Johnny Saint like escape. Before we went off to commercial break, the two gave the crowd an exhibition in the Catch-as-catch-can Style of wrestling that was very impressive, but it left them at a stand off.

50When we came back from break, Gallagher was in firm control of the match with a wrist lock that he just wouldn’t let go off as he worked on the arm and shoulder of Bate. At times, Gallagher would do things to Bates and his shoulder that just looked like it was wrong and that it shouldn’t bend that way (just look to the left of this paragraph). Next thing you know they have their fingers interlocked and they’re both doing monkey flips and then a full bridge to avoid the pinfall. This is technical wrestling at it’s best here WWE Universe. Tyler would try to take the first real wrestling advantage with punch to the face and a high angle German suplex into a pin attempt, but Gallagher would kick out at two. While attempting to do a vertical suplex, Gallagher was able to reverse it into a Jim Breaks special (Inverted Armlock). It looked very painful, but he was able to get out of it by reversing it into a vertical suplex. After dropping Gallagher to the outside, he would try for a suicide dive out of the ring, but Gallagher caught him at the ropes with a huge headbutt that made it’s mark.

51With both men kind of dazed, Gallagher would hit Bates with another big headbutt and as Bate went down, Gallagher landed on top of him. Unfortunately for Gallagher, Bates would keep the championship around his waste as he kicked out at two. Gallagher was obviously frustrated trying to figure out what it was going to take to put away Bate, but he kept at it with some huge European uppercuts that were catching their mark. When he would try for the Jim Breaks special again, Tyler would quickly throw Gallagher towards the ropes and he would hit a flipping heel kick to the head of Gallagher. He would then lock in Gallagher for the Tyler Driver 97 and that was all it took as he covered him for the 1-2-3. That s now two successful defenses for Tyler Bates on NXT and now the question is what is next for him as the camera showed Wolfgang, Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews, and Trent Seven. Only time will tell! Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.