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52.pngThere is a guy that has officially signed with Impact Wrestling that would have been a perfect opponent for someone like Neville and the whole 205 Live roster. The name of that man is Matt Sydal, but some of you may remember him as Evan Bourne during his tenure in the WWE where he was a former Tag Team Champion and a Slammy award winner. Now he makes his return to Impact Wrestling and you can bet that the X-Division roster is on check, but so wasn’t the now former Impact Wrestling X-Division champion Trevor Lee who had the task of facing Sydal last night on Impact Wresting. Trevor Lee was not in a good mood especially after losing his title to Low Ki in the six pack challenge the week before so he immediately attacked Sydal after he removed his jacket to start the match. Trevor was trying to brutalize Sydal, but it didn’t work as Sydal was able to use Lee’s own momentum against him right into the turnbuckle. He would then attempt to roll up Lee for the pin, but Lee kicked out at two. Sydal would then lay some heavy kicks on Lee that definitely hit their mark.

53Before you knew it, Lee would distract the referee enough to allow Helms the opportunity to attack Sydal who was looking to springboard back into the ring. Lee was bringing it to Sydal with a huge kick and some clubbing European uppercuts. After screaming at Sydal that he was nothing Sydal leaped to his feet while Lee was hitting the ropes and he hit Lee with a huge spinning heel kick that dazed the former champion. Unfortunately he couldn’t hold the advantage for very long, but it didn’t matter because a spinning roundhouse kick and a standing moonsault was all he needed to regain it. When he attempted to pin Lee, Helms made his way on to the apron to distract the referee which worked. As soon as Sydal approached Helms, Lee tried to take advantage by hitting Sydal, but Sydal was too quick and moved out of the way forcing Lee right into Helms. Sydal would then catch Lee with a high knee to the face and he would follow it up with the shooting star press for a big win in under five minutes. Welcome to Impact Wrestling Matt Sydal. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.