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55Earlier in the year, we had heard that the pro wrestling world cup was actually going to be a thing and that WCPW was hosting most of it. Well back on March 21, 2017, they held the first opening round English qualifiers at the Harvey Hadden Sports Village in Nottingham, England. One of the matches on the card featured a team known as The Prestige (BT Gunn, Joe Coffey, Joe Hendry & Travis Banks) who after attacking their GM was put in a match against the Bullet Club (The Young Bucks and Adam Cole) who teamed with Gabriel Kidd to make things even. Nick Jackson and Travis Banks kicked off the match and Travis immediately showed his technical wrestling prowess to Nick. Immediately afterwards, Nick showed Travis how his speed and agility would get the best of him with a kick to the gut and a hurricanrana. Both men would tag out and Adam Cole and BT Gunn would go at it, but after dancing around a bit, Gunn would tag in Joe Coffey instead to face Adam Cole and almost in an instance Gunn would be tagged back in. After a couple of wrist locks from both men, Adam would drive Gunn to the corner where he would let go. As soon as Cole signaled with the too sweet, all hell would break loose and both teams were in the ring.

56The Prestige had the Bullet Club where they wanted them in came clutch formations when they pulled their key cards out and stuffed them in the mouths of the club disrespectfully. So, all the members got up, pulled the key cards out, stuffed them down their throats, and they all superkicked them. The members of the Prestige tried to get back in the ring, but the Bullet Club made sure they didn’t with some impressive offense like Nick having one member in a head scissors while Cole and Matt drop kicked him simultaneously. The Young Bucks and Kidd (Cole was not too happy) got down in Terminator position, flew against the ropes, and launched themselves out of the ring with suicide dives hitting their targets like heat seeking missiles. Kidd and The Young Bucks would then powerbomb Banks against the ring apron and this kind of impressed the Young Bucks who were not sure how they felt about Kidd yet. They’d finally bring the action back into the ring where the Bullet Club was in firm control of the match.

57They were working on the arm of BT Gunn and they were doing great with the frequent tags between The Young Bucks and Cole, but everything fell apart as soon as Kidd stole the tag from Cole. He gets to the top rope and he comes down on poor Matt instead of Gunn who is then able to get some offense going before all of The Prestige come storming into the ring again. Hendry and Co. would begin working on Gabriel Kidd who is only 19 years old and a local boy to Nottingham. It was a smart move for The Prestige considering that Kidd is still winless in WCPW. Coffey at one point looked like he was going to mock The Young Bucks with a superkick, but chose a chin lock instead before he made the tag to Gunn. Things looked hopeless for the club as The Prestige were constantly making quick tags, but most importantly they were keeping Kidd isolated in their half of the ring. Kidd would attempt to show some gusto in the ring, but Banks was quick to cut off the attempt with a superkick of his own. As soon as that happened, Kidd retaliated with a huge clothesline, but the question was could he make it to his corner to make a tag before Banks did.

58He would make the tag to Cole while Banks made the tag to Joe Hendry who soon found himself getting superkicked and then Cole followed it up with the shining wizard, but he couldn’t get the pinfall. Cole would try for another shining wizard, but no on the 1-2-3. He would then hit Hendry with a bicycle kick, but both men would go down with a double clothesline. Coffey and Nick would get the tag from their respective partner, but both of the Bucks came in as well as Gunn and they’d get superkicked for their efforts and Coffey would get hit with a salida del soul of sorts from Matt Jackson. The Young Bucks had taken over the match and they were doing it with some impressive moves like a lung exploder or hanging Coffey from the ropes and performing a senton on top of him. Unfortunately for them, it wouldn’t last long as Coffey took out each member one by one, but that wouldn’t last long either as they double superkicked him when he tried a springboard maneuver from the top turnbuckle. Banks would try to fight all four members of the team, but when he tried a springboard, he was superkicked by all four of them.

59The referee was quickly losing control of the match, but to be honest he didn’t really have control from the start. Kidd would finally get his too sweet moment so to celebrate he would do a moonsault to the outside on all four members of The Prestige. All out chaos would ensue as they were all hitting each other with what they could in the ring with Matt ebign the last one to hit Hendry with a superkick. After all the members of the Club were not on the apron, Matt had no choice but to tag in Kidd who would then Superkick the referee by accident. The Prestige would take over by hitting stereo superkicks and a black coffee by Joe Coffey which was all he needed to make the pin on Kidd. What a match between these two teams, but the smarter team prevailed leaving the winless Kidd to fend for the Bullet Club. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.