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5All month long here on Mr. X’s Punch Out, we are celebrating throwing the rule book out the window with No Holds Barred month. That means that every match we choose for the whole month of May will be some sort of No Holds Barred match whether it be Extreme Rules, Deathmatch, Steel Cage, or even just a plain old No Holds Barred match. For today’s match, we are going back to a March episode of Smackdown where MVP Montel Vontavious Porter was defending his WWE United States Championship against Batista in a no holds barred rematch. You see, MVP was able to squeak his way past Batista the week before due to a count out, but Batista was looking for payback just 16 days before WrestleMania XXIV. MVP was going to have to rely on finesse and speed in order to defeat the powerhouse that is Batista and he showed that after avoiding a shoulder tackle from the Animal as he mocked him on the outside. After showing the speed again, Batista was finally able to catch him as he slammed him against the turnbuckles to which he followed with a snapmare and a boot to the face.

63Batista’s run wouldn’t last long as the always thinking MVP was able to take control after after a nice overhead suplex and a boot to the face sends Batista out of the ring. MVP was staying on top of Batista even choking the animal with his own MVP chain. After MVP exposed the turnbuckle, he tried to use it, but Batista blocked it and hit MVP with a huge running powerslam. Batista would try to finish MVP off by hitting a Batista bomb, but somehow he knew it was coming and he squirmed his way out of the ring. Despite suckering Batista in with a chair shot the gut, Batista was still able to take control as he punished MVP on the outside slamming his head into the announce table and then just pounding away against the security barrier. After he was done swinging away on MVP, he thought Ill just slam his head into the steel post, but MVP had other plans as he was able to block it and reverse it. The Champion was showing just how resilient he was as he was willing to do whatever to retain the belt. The Animal also decided to show how resilient he was, but it ended when MVP kicked him in the family jewels.

64With Batista reeling in the corner from getting kicked in the you know what, MVP would follow it up with a huge kick to the face that dazed the challenger. You had to wonder what was coming next and it looked like MVP wanted to do some damage with the chair, but as soon as he started walking over with it, he was speared by Batista. After failing to get the pinfall, he would deliver a huge boot to MVP that would send him back out of the ring, but when Batista went after him, MVP would use a chair and strike him with it punishing the right knee. MVP wasn’t satisfied though, so he started taking the padding off the floor exposing the concrete. When he tried for what looked like a piledriver, Batista reversed by hitting him with a back body drop right on the concrete. Batista would then return the favor with some chair shots, but he couldn’t get the pinfall. After exchanging quick advantages, Umaga appeared out of nowhere and he attacked Batista hitting him with the Samoan spike. Afterwards, MVP took advantage of it and got the pinfall victory. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.