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WWE-house-of-Horrors-Randy-Orton-Bray-Wyatt-600x250Last Sunday at WWE Payback, we had what I was calling both an interesting match and a throw away match when Bray Wyatt met WWE Champion Randy Orton in a House Of Horrors match. It was an interesting match because it was a no holds barred match that started in a house somewhere and finished in the ring later on. It was a throwaway match because it was a non title match and both of them were on separate shows. When the match started, Orton pulls into the driveway and gets out of the limo and enters the house. The match soon turns into a sequence from a horror film with cutaway shots and laughter from baby dolls that you obviously know are not making the noises. They attacked each other with Bray running away into a different room when things got tough. Before Bray took off, they battled in the kitchen where it looked like Randy would have the upper hand until Bray dropped the fridge on top of him. When we got back to the arena, Randy was suddenly there as he blasted away at Bray. When he coiled up to hit what we thought would be an RKO didn’t happen because The Bollywood Boys provided a distraction. Enough of a distraction that when he got rid of them, Jinder Mahal was there to hit him with the title that allowed Bray to get the win. It was a decent match that had no meaning in my opinion towards the future. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.