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Extreme_Rules_(2012)_PosterAt the time of Extreme Rules 2012, I felt that the WWE was lacking in the excitement category. I felt that the writing and the talent that the WWE had at the time was not showing their true potential. The only exciting wrestlers at the time were Daniel Bryan and CM Punk and John Cena in my opinion had become stale. The match he had with The Rock at Wrestlemania the month before wasn’t the greatest match of the night, but a lot of us were happy The Rock had won. But on April 2ND, when John Cena was blabbering about his loss to the Rock, we were treated to a special return. All of a sudden, Brock Lesnar’s music had burst out of the speakers and the man was back. He headed to the center of the ring and before any words could be spoken between the two, he delivered an F5 to John Cena. That set up the very fight we are talking about here on Into The Vault, it was the first ever meeting between Brock Lesnar and John Cena in an extreme rules match.

lesnar cenaJohn needed to win this match badly, he couldn’t go two PPV’s in a row with losses, he would have never been the same. Right from the get go, Brock tackled Cena and busted him wide open with some huge elbow blasts to the head that connected. Brock would brutalize Cena with tons of fists and some brutal knees to the ribs. I mean for a good 10 or 15 minutes, Brock was brutalizing John Cena. He was dismantling the fan favorite and any time Cena tried to gain some momentum, Brock was there to cut it off. Some time into the match, John tried to hit the AA, but Brock countered it and hit Cena with the F5. The only problem is Cena’s leg knocked referee Charles Robinson out of the ring. When the second referee showed up, it was too late.

lesnar cena 2They had wasted too much time as Cena kicked out. So, in response, Brock clothes-lined the referee out of the ring. A couple of minutes later, Brock would bring the steel steps into the ring as he used it for leverage when he locked in the Kimora lock. Cena was able to get himself free by using his power to lift Brock and slam him against the steps. Cena would try to climb the top rope to drop a leg in Brock, but Brock would move out of the way as Cena rolled to the outside. After Brock regained his composure, he used the steps as a launching pad as he ran into a defenseless Cena hanging on the outside of the ring, but Brock would stumble as well. Brock would try for the same move a second time, but he didn’t realize that Cena was able to get his hands on the chain as he used it on Brock Lesnar. Cena came back into the ring and he delivered an AA to a bloodied Brock Lesnar and he pinned him for the 1-2-3. John Cena would win the first of the three battles these two have had so far. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.