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4At one time or another, everyone must have thought that the character of Abyss was a complete total rip off of Mick Foley’s Mankind character. How about for now we look at it as the possible evolution of that character and what it could have been in the hands of a more physical specimen like Abyss. What if I told you that the two of them collided in the ring at TNA’s Bound For Glory 2009 PPV in a Monster’s Ball Match which is basically a hardcore match always involving Abyss. It was the hardcore legend taking on his demonic doppelganger in a match that only one could walk out in one piece and it featured Dr. Stevie (Stevie Richards) as the special guest referee.  As Abyss was making his way to ringside, Mick felt it necessary to skip having an entrance and he opted to use a barbwire covered baseball bat on Abyss. Mick would take Abyss to the ramp where he would hit him with a swinging neck breaker, but the ever crazy mind of Mick Foley started to work as he climbed the stage set. Abyss began to follow, but unfortunately for him, Foley would punch him off of the set and Abyss went through the entrance ramp.

5With Abyss out of it, Foley grabbed the bat and went charging in with it as he crashed on top of Abyss. Abyss though was not out of the match at all he began fighting back hitting Foley in the ring with a trash can three times. Abyss would take his eyes off of Foley for a moment as he grabbed a board with barbwire from the outside. As soon as he tried to chokeslam Foley, Mick was able to reverse it with a DDT on top of the board. He would follow it up by taking the barbwire on the bat across the forehead of Abyss. Abyss would gain a bit of offense as he reversed an Irish whip into the corner where another board of barbwire was with an Irish whip of his own. When he went to do the splash, things did not go his way as Foley moved out in time and then dropped an elbow on Abyss who was sandwiched between two boards. Dr. Stevie would make a huge mistake in the match, he would hand Foley thumbtacks. Now the mistake would come when he reminded Abyss that if he used the thumbtacks to his advantage in any way, he would lose the match.

6So, he dropped Foley and delivered Shock Treatment to Richards instead eliminating him from the match. Daffney would make her way out to ringside where she would hand Foley a taser and believe me he used it on poor Abyss. As a new referee came down to ringside, Abyss was able to kick out (it looked like the referee stopped so that he could). Foley would then pull out Mr. Socko and he would wrap him with some barbwire, but Abyss was able to avoid it with a drop toe hold that sent Foley face first into the barbwire board. When the referee went for the count, Stevie would pull him out of the ring and he would knock out the new referee. It was complete chaos at ringside as Daffney climbed the ropes as it looked like she wanted to attack Abyss, but instead of that, Abyss would choke slam her into a board of barbwire that one side was held by the ring while the other by the security barrier. Dr. Stevie tried to get involved by attacking Abyss, but the big man delivered a black hole slam right on top of the thumbtacks eliminating that threat from the match. Abyss would then dispose of Foley by chokeslamming him into the barbwire covered board, but there was no referee. Now worries because he grabbed Richards, dragged him over, and used his hand to count the 1-2-3 for the win.