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7For today’s match, we are sticking with Impact Wrestling and we are checking out the Knockouts this time around as Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Rosemary (Decay) takes on challenger Jade in a Monster’s Ball Match (the last one so far to date). As Rosemary was walking around the ring being a freak, Jade wasted no time hitting her with a suicide dive and some lefts and rights. It wouldn’t last long as Rosemary was able to duck under a clothesline and deliver one of her to Jade on the ramp. As soon as they entered the ring, Rosemary quickly resorted to using the weaponry at her dispense beating jade with a trash can lid and even a kendo stick. Rosemary however would take too much time as she exited the ring to grab a little black bag that we all know contains those lovely thumbtacks. As he spread them around one corner of the ring, she looked to deliver a vertical suplex to Jade, but Jade blocked her attempts and threw her off and hit her with a missile dropkick. This created some much needed separation for Jade as she was a little bit out of her element in this match that more suited Rosemary.

8Jade would take her belt off and she’d use it on Rosemary for a bit before grabbing the kendo stick. Unfortunately, she catered to the crowd too much and it allowed Rosemary to use the trash can itself stealing the advantage. After positioning a trash can between Jade’s legs, she would climb the top for what we believed was going to be a missile dropkick right into it, but Jade got up and used the trash barrel to knock her down. Immediately after that, Jade delivered a German suplex to Rosemary on top of the thumbtacks that Rosemary laid out earlier in the match. As soon as Rosemary rose to her feet, she tried to use her secret weapon which was the mist, but Jade used the trash can lid to block it. After weathering a tiny attack from Rosemary, Jade drove her right into the barbwire covered board. She would then take the board, lay it on top of Rosemary and then deliver a lionsault on top of the board driving the barbwire right into Rosemary. How much more could Rosemary possibly endure in this match as he game plan was failing right in front of her own eyes. Jade’s ultimate reason for her demise is that she took too long climbing the ropes and signalling to the crowd that she was going to try for a 450 splash, because it gave Rosemary time to cut off the attempt. Rosemary would then deliver the final nail in the coffin with a superplex right into a table as she immediately covered Jade after for the 1-2-3.