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ambulance match starcade 2000Rumor has it that the Ambulance match that was being rumored for WWE Extreme Rules (the Raw PPV) between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns is off because of an injury to Strowman. Well since we are celebrating matches with no rules (No Hods Barred Month), I figured we would go back in time to check out an ambulance match featuring the late and awesome Bam Bam Bigelow. Back in 2000, Bam Bam was in a feud with Mike Awesome that culminated to this point at WCW Starcade 2000 as they did battle in an ambulance match. The match started out with both men trading advantages in the ring and even to the outside where it eventually spilled out. They were using everything they could find from the ring bell, cup of ice, to a steel chair on each other. Awesome though was looking for some revenge after missing a pay day at a PPV and he brought Bam Bam all the way to the ambulance where he used it as a weapon. Both men then repeatedly started using the ambulance as a weapon, but unfortunately for Bam Bam, he punched his hand through one of the windows aiming for Awesome who ducked.

10Bigelow eventually brought Awesome back to the ring where he would begin to inflict real punishment to him whether a big DDT in the ring or riving his head into the announcers table on the outside. When Bigelow tried to deliver an Irish whip to Awesome into the steel steps, Awesome was able to reverse it to take the advantage. It wouldn’t last long though for poor Mike Awesome. He would set up a table on one end of the ring to drive Bigelow into it, but when he ran for a full head of steam, he was backbody dropped into the table. Mike Awesome though must have had Lady Luck in his corner because he would get lucky. Bam Bam decided to punish him along the way to the ambulance. He body slams Awesome on top of the ambulance and proceeds to start ripping off the lights on top of the thing. As he goes to swing it, Awesome blocks it and takes it away from Bam Bam and hits him so hard that when he falls back, he goes through the roof of the ambulance making Mike Awesome the winner of the match. After all, that is the goal of the match to put your opponent inside of the ambulance. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.