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SuperBrawl_IIIThere are so many types of no holds barred matches in the world of wrestling and we have already seen a hardcore match (Monster’s Ball Match), an ambulance match, a house of horrors match, death match, steel cage match, and now we are about to add a strap match to that list. A leather strap match is a match where both men are tied to the same leather strap and the object of the game is to touch all four corners of the ring uninterrupted. That is the type of match we are checking out as Vader took on Sting in a non sanctioned strap match at WCW SuperBrawl III back in 1993. Non Sanctioned match meant that Vader’s WCW World Heavyweight Championship was not on the line that night against  the legendary Sting. You had to wonder what Sting’s game plan was going to be considering Vader outweighed him by at least 200 pounds and Vader had former champion Harley Race in his corner. Vader was a smart man because he was using his size and power difference as a weapon against Sting right from the get go. That didn’t stop Sting from trying however as he fought back.

15.pngSting was able to get the big man off his feet with some impressive fists to the chin that sent Vader down. Then it was a succession of splash’s from the top that kept Sting going as he followed it up by whipping Vader with the strap. Sting continued his run by using the strap outside the ring to get Vader to hit the steel post. With a bloodied Vader (welts on his back) on the ground, Sting attempted to touch the corners on the outside. He was able to touch two posts, but when it came time for the third, Vader stopped him and threw him into the security fence. Sting tried to regain his advantage in the ring, but a couple of body blocks stopped that. Once again in the match, Vader was using his size as an advantage with clubbing blows and a huge Vader bomb at one point. After a bg crucifix slam from the second rope, Vader would attempt to touch the corners for the first time in the match. Vader would successfully touch two corners, but when it came to the third he was trying to drag Sting. Unfortunately for him, Sting was able to end the momentum with a kick to the side of the head.

16Despite all of Sting’s attempts or times that he stops a potential devastating move, Vader was always the first one up and ready to fight. After a huge superplex from the corner, Vader would attempt to hit the corners for a second time in the match. This time around, Vader was able to touch three corners, but Sting once again broke the momentum with a huge punch to the kisser that waved the attempt off. Once again though, Vader was the first one up and he was hitting Sting with some punishing lefts and rights that were hitting their mark. Sting finally looked like he was going to take advantage of the match with an impressive German suplex and he stayed on top of Vader hitting him with some impressive lefts and rights of his own. Sting would lift Vader up on to his shoulders, but Vader’s foot hit referee Nick Patrick sending him to the mat. Sting on his second attempt, hit three corners, but he couldn’t hold Vader for long and the ref was out of it. Vader would hit Sting with the Vader crush which allowed him to tie the strap around Stings foot. As he dragged Sting on his third attempt, he touched all three corners, but Sting put up some resistance on the attempt for the fourth corner. Unfortunately for Sting, he would kick Vader into the fourth corner and Vader hit it to secure the fourth corner and the win. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.