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ecwYou can’t have a month dedicated to bending the rules without having a match from one of the most legendary companies that preached hardcore wrestling other than ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling). With a roster that included the likes of Raven, The Sandman, Tazz, The Dudley Boys, and Tommy Dreamer it’s no wonder they revolutionized the way the business was run. With that being said, I have an interesting match for you guys today as The Sandman takes on ECW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino and Justin Credible in a triple threat Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and Canes match for the championship. The was the first and only time in the history of ECW that the belt was defended in this manner and you had to think that the odds were totally stacked against the champion with not fighting just one, but two guys in the same match. When the match started it looked like Corino and Credible may work together against The Sandman, but Corino had other plans as he began taking them out one by one. Nonetheless, the three began brutalizing each other with the ladders at ringside and occasionally a kendo stick. There was no clear front runner as soon as one looked like he had momentum, another would step in and change the tide.

ecw 2At one point in the match, they had Sandman in the corner reeling from taking a shot with the ladder. Corino sets up the ladder so that it’s open and pointed at the family jewels of Sandman. Both Corino and Credible get chairs and they hit each end of the ladder forcing impact to the jewels. The mayhem would continue with The Sandman going through a table on the outside and Credible getting a drop toe hold that forced him face first into a chair. Don’t fear though for The Sandman because he would dish out his own brand of punishment as he delivered a vertical suplex into a ladder to Corino while launching a busted open Credible into a table that Credible set up himself on the outside. Then the ultimate fail would happen in the match. Sandman believed that he had everyone gone so he set up the ladder and he tried to climb it. As soon as he got near the top, the legs bent and the ladder collapsed. After going into another table and suffering a huricanrana from Francine (who was at ringside), the Sandman never gave up and he brought a bigger ladder. All he had to do was wait for Corino and Credible to put themselves through a table because he climbed the ladder and he grabbed the belt becoming the new champion. It didn’t matter much because within a few minutes he defended and lost the belt on the same night to Rhyno in one minute.

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