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2Maxwell Jacob Friedman is one of the most brash and cocky individuals on the Indie scene right now and rightfully so as he defeated Ethan Page for the Alpha 1 Wrestling Outer Limits Champion. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough time to celebrate as the Bad Boy Joey Janela came charging in with a trash barrel that left it’s mark. Maxwell was begging Joey to talk things out, but Joey paid no attention as he slapped on the figure four leglock. The fight would eventually spill outside the venue where Joey continued to deliver punishment to MJF despite any attempt at offense that MJF had. The match would see MJF use a dumpster as a weapon, Joey climb into a complete strangers SUV and clothesline MJF, and even a kneedrop from the top of said SUV, but MJF or Joey would not give up. After some more running around the parking lot, MJF would get Joey into a Boston crab, but Joey was able to reverse it and he nailed MJF with a superkick which was all it took as he got the 1-2-3. This is why we are celebrating No Holds Barred month here on Mr. X’s Punch Out.