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19One of the greatest rivalries that the WWE had back in the Attitude Era was the home run that was the Mr. McMahon vs Stone Cold Steve Austin rivalry. It transcended wrestling in so many ways because it was the blue collar champion vs the white collar crime committers. Stone Cold was the guy that everyone wished they could be because who didn’t want to deliver a stone cold stunner to their boss? Well, the rivalry kept heating up especially after the fact that Mr. McMahon eliminated the rattlesnake to win the Royal Rumble in 1999. After relinquishing his spot in WrestleMania, Austin was the next in line, but he would put everything on the line at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacred In Your House PPV inside of a steel cage (The old blue steel cage, but in black this time). Mr. McMahon promised Stone Cold that no member of the Corporation would be present at ringside, but that may have been a mistake on his part. At first Mr. McMahon wouldn’t enter the cage making Austin chase him around the ring. When Austin was on the outside, McMahon was being preventative of Austin getting into the cage so Austin pretended that when he landed on the floor that he tweaked his knee.

22.pngThis immediately suckered McMahon to the outside where Austin would start opening that can of whoop ass. He literally started to beat Mr. McMahon all over the arena whether in the crowd or around the ring. McMahon was reeling from the beating, this could be the biggest mistake he has made. Then McMahon started to climb the cage and Austin followed, but when they got near the top of the cage, Austin slammed his head so hard into it McMahon went flying off it and into the Spanish announce table. Austin would eventually continue the assault in the ring until an unexpected visitor came bursting out of the ring who was technically not a member of the corporation in The Big Show. The Big Show tried to assault Austin by throwing him against the cage, but when he did, the cage fell apart and Austin landed and hit the floor to win the match. This was as good as you could get out of this amazing rivalry between the two that defined the attitude era.