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wmdWe are continuing right along with another edition of Main Event Madness goes No Holds Barred style. Now I have to be 100% honest in saying that I haven’t watched too many episodes of Lucha Underground which by the way airs every Wednesday on the El Rey Network. I decided to check out an episode from last year which was the second episode of season three and the featured match is a Weapons Of Mass Destruction match between Marty Martinez and Killshot. If you do not know what kind of match that is it’s basically a no holds barred street fight with military style weapons around the ring along with your standard chairs. For the first ten minutes of the match, they spent it on the outside of the ring with Killshot getting the best of Martinez with a Gatling gun to the head which busted Martinez open and just brutal beatdowns on the outside. After only being in the ring for only a minute or so, Martinez was able to take control by throwing a running Killshot face first into a ladder to create some separation.

wmd-1Most of the match, Martinez would counter to slow Killshot down, but then he would waste too much time allowing Killshot back into the match every time. At one point, Martinez superplexed Killshot on top of some missile cases and that slowed both men down for sure as they reveled in pain. After both men slowly made it to their feet on the outside apron of the ring, Killshot delivered an AA like maneuver to Martinez on top of a ladder on the outside and then proceeded to throw him back into the ring and deliver an double stomp from the top rope. He covers him for the pin, but Martinez would kick out at 2. The action just gets more intense after that as we see Martinez powerbomb Killshot onto a table on the outside of the ring and you agree with the crowd who is chanting “Holy Sh**”. The outdoing of moves continued with Killshot hitting an JML driver, but Martinez kick out of the pinfall attempt. At one point in the match, they have a 20 foot ladder set in the middle of the ring with a table on each side of it. Both men have climbed to top of the ladder and they are try to gain the upper hand by throwing hay-makers at each other. Then out of nowhere, Martinez’s sister Mariposa tries to help him out, but Killshot kicks her until she falls and goes through a table. He then gains the advantage on Martinez, steals his dog tags back, and delivers the swerve stomp to Martinez through the table. He then covers him for the 1-2-3.