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4When it comes to different types of No Holds Barred matches, I have been scouring the internet looking for them. We’ve hosted an ambulance match, a deathmatch, and now we have for all of you out there a parking lot brawl. On the September 11, 2003 episode of WWE Smackdown, John Cena would battle Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero in a parking lot match. After months of the pestering Cena who was a much better and grittier character in 2003 then he is in 2017, Eddie Guerrero was out to end this feud especially after Cena had stolen his low rider. The two when the match finally started were just beating the hell out of each other as they slammed each other on top of the cars. After bodyslamming Cena on top of a car, Eddie climbed it and went to deliver a vertical suplex, but Cena reversed it and delivered it to Eddie forcing him to land on the roof of the car. At one point, Cena opened up a minivan and started grabbing weapons which was everything from a lawnmower to a shovel to try and use on Guerrero to which he failed every time to land a shot. Thank God for that because the lawnmower would’ve not been a pretty site to see what damage it caused.

5Eddie would proceed to use a car to his advantage as he hit Cena with the car door and then proceeded to beat him while he choked thanks to a seatbelt being around his neck. Cena would eventually do the same as he backbody dropped Eddie on to a windshield and then started beating him with the car door. The match was not pretty at all as both men would proceed to go through a car window at some point in the match head first. This is everything a WWE fan wants in a match and they were delivering. At one point in the match, John was looking to end it by delivering an FU (basically an AA) to Eddie on top of a car, but Eddie was able to reverse it with a hip toss. Then out of nowhere, Chavo comes out and smashes something on top of Cena’s head which gave Eddie the time to hit a five star frog splash from the top of a car for the win as he covered John for the 1-2-3. The rest as they say is history and we will always miss Eddie Guerrero.