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cm punkBack on September 10, 2016, so many of us WWE and or wrestling fans wanted to believe that our hero CM Punk would be able to do what only Brock Lesnar has been able to do when he stepped foot in the octagon at UFC 203. We wanted to believe that there was a chance that CM Punk was going to be successful when he took on Mickey Gall, but boy we were wrong. At the 2:14 mark of the first round, Punk was forced to tap out to a rear naked choke and his future in the sport became foggy with reports that Dana White was done with the idea of having Punk in the UFC. There were those that were hoping that our Second City Savior was going to come back to the WWE after this loss, but did you all forget what happened to Brock Lesnar the first time he stepped in to a UFC Octagon? You see Brock lost to Frank Mir in his UFC debut at UFC 81 when he tapped out to a knee bar. It was his first loss in the UFC, but Brock didn’t quit and in fact he kept going defeating two men (Heath Herring and Randy Couture) before he won the rematch against Frank Mir at UFC 100.

ufc-225-weigh-ins-cm-punk-makes-weight-mma-fighting-xv5xjQg6oJcYou see all I am trying to say to all of you is why should we give up hope on CM Punk? When CM Punk steps foot back in the Octagon at UFC 225 in his hometown of Chicago against Mike Jackson, why shouldn’t we believe that there might be a glimmer of hope that he walks out of the fight a winner? Mike Jackson has the same record as CM Punk as he also lost to Mickey Gall back at UFC Fight Night: Hendricks vs. Thompson. Mickey Gall seems to believe that CM Punk has a chance to win the fight. Nathan Zurr is reporting that according to Ariel Halwani’s tweets that Mickey Gall stated, “MJ does have more experience. He has more hard-wired skill. MJ should win. But I’m picking CM Punk. Punk lasted 2:14 with me, which is pretty impressive. MJ lasted only :45. Punk has almost triple the time of ufc experience.” We will see if Mickey Gall is correct about this, but Mickey Gall also went on to tell TMZ Sports that Punk was lying about wanting a rematch with Gall. He said, “I think he’s a liar. I don’t think he actually wants that.” He also went on to insinuate that UFC wouldn’t allow that saying, “I don’t think they’ll let that happen to him again.”

hqdefaultNo matter what the case is, one of the other questions that looms over him is what happens to Punk if he loses the match. We have heard him say over numerous times that a return to the WWE is not in the cards for him, but we know that not everyone stays away forever. I can’t picture that Dana White would be willing to give Punk a third chance at trying to get a win if he loses to Mike Jackson. I’m sure all the UFC purists and wrestling haters will confirm that if he loses he does not belong in the MMA world. While all of that may be true, you can not fault a guy for trying to see if he can succeed at something. Way too often do we always cut people down for trying something and I have seen it numerous times in sports. No one blasted Conor McGregor who did the unthinkable at the time for going from the MMA world to professional boxing where he lost to Floyd Mayweather in what was arguably a fixed fight. We all knew that Conor wasn’t going to win, but we wanted to believe it. So, why can’t we believe that CM Punk can do it tonight in Chicago? It’s going to be a long fight for Punk, but I think he can pull it off tonight. There are a lot of great matches on the main card as well that you can see below, but tune in tonight for UFC 225.

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