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Brock-Lesnar-CM-Punk-WWECM Punk is back in the news again and this time it has absolutely nothing to do with his UFC career. It’s the fact that WWE gained a cheap win this week after a tough loss to CM Punk in court. So, I think it’s safe to say that the company found a way to get even with Punk and that was to have someone very undeserving of the milestone be the one that broke his record of 434 days as WWE Champion. CM Punk accomplished the feat back between 2011 and 2013 when he lost to The Rock at the Royal Rumble ending t he incredible run. Brock Lesnar has been WWE Universal Champion for more than 434 days now and he has barely defended the title which in my opinion was a cheap way to break a record. In fact, I believe that there should be an asterisk next to his record, but we all know that it doesn’t matter how you got there, but the WWE won’t admit that ever. The other thing is that they are two separate titles with both still active, so the record shouldn’t be broken, but the WWE doesn’t careand we have to love with that. The WWE did release a statement regarding the streak saying:

Brock Lesnar earns longest championship reign of the modern era

Brock Lesnar’s long list of WWE accomplishments has now grown by one: The Beast Incarnate has officially notched the longest World Championship reign of the modern era.

Lesnar’s ongoing run as Universal Champion surpassed the previous marker, CM Punk’s 434-day stint as WWE Champion that stretched between 2011 and 2013. Lesnar’s advocate (and, coincidentally, Punk’s former hype man) Paul Heyman commemorated the occasion by taking to Twitter.

That Lesnar has powered his way into the history books is impressive in and of itself, but given that no challengers have yet to emerge for The Conqueror’s throne, the most awe-inspiring aspect of his reign isn’t that it has lasted this long, but that it seems unlikely to end anytime soon.