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330px-Hell_in_a_Cell_2018_PPV_posterLast month, I tweeted all of my predictions for SummerSlam and it was not only because I was running out of time, but because I was disappointed in the product. I went into the night thinking that maybe the product wouldn’t totally suck, but they made some poor choices to go along with the really good ones. Nonetheless, I tried watching Raw the next night and I just could not take the product that they are producing. It’s so bad in my opinion that Smackdown Live is becoming the more appealing product. It’s becoming so bad that NXT is the supreme brand in that company and Cody Rhodes is looking more like a genius everyday. Did anyone happen to catch All In because that is how an event is done so the WWE should take notes. So to start out the convo about tonight’s pay per view which is Hell In A Cell, we have to look at what happened last month to lead to this one. For starters, we are getting the John Cena/Nikki Bella vs Miz and Maryse, but with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella because why not? That in my opinion is a pre-show match because I don’t want to see it.

3f3c0-1536848699-800One of the biggest things I don’t understand is why did you have Ronda Rousey destroy Alexa Bliss in their first match to only give her a rematch? Is Ronda only going to destroy her again or is she going to have something up her sleeve this time around? It’s just frustrating because you want me to believe that Ronda is the baddest chick on the planet who just wrecks people, but tonight Alexa will have fought a better match this time around.  Why give Braun Strowman the Money In The Bank briefcase for him to treat it like he is John Cena? We all knew a match between Strowman and Reigns was going to happen anyways, I’m just wondering if we are going to get an appearance from Brock tonight or what role will Mick Foley play as special guest referee. Can someone please tell me why in the hell are The New day tag team champions and why has it taken Rusev Day this long to be in the title picture? Can someone please help WWE creative get a clue already because Rusev Day has been hot for a while. The only thing I want to see is Rusev Day walking out with the WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Titles.

maxresdefault (1)Now let’s look at the things that they got right last month at SummerSlam and we’ll start with Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles. The match may have ended with AJ getting disqualified, but man you could feel the anger and tension at the end of that fight. These two want to kill each other in the ring and I am 100% buying into it. Becky Lynch’s heel turn last month was what everyone in the world wanted and they delivered. It’s the best programming going around right now in WWE Women’s wrestling and they have not disappointed a single soul yet. I want to see Becky Lynch continue with this mean streak well past this event and into the future because the lass kicker is here to take names. I like what Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler have been doing for a while together, but I am not sure if I like them being called Strowman’s Stooges. Nonetheless, all I want is for Dean to have his heel turn tonight and for Drew and Dolph to walk out as champions once again. I personally do not have any stock in the Orton/Jeff Hardy fight, but it’s nice to see that Jeff will finally have his first Hell In A Cell match ever. Check out my predictions below:

Rusev Day Wins

Team Bryan wins

Randy Orton Wins

Becky Lynch wins

Bliss will win by DQ

Strowman Wins

Joe wins by DQ

McIntyre & Ziggler win