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dream matches part 2 copyLast month I listed some of my dream WWE matches that I would love to see happen in the near future. I thought it was a pretty good list, but I am back to do part two and this one is different. You see for today’s Dream Matches, we are thinking outside the box and beyond the walls of the WWE for matches we would just love to see happen in general. While Chris Jericho made a lot of our dreams come true last year by challenging Kenny Omega, there are still a ton of matches he and many others haven’t had and the possibilities are endless. Now the rules are simple, all you have to have is an imagination and leave your elitist opinions at home because we are just trying to have some fun here.

1. Tessa Blanchard vs Charlotte Flair

charlotte vs tessaI’m naming this one first because we have to be honest with ourselves in realizing that the best thing going in the Impact Knockouts division is Tessa Blanchard! She had an amazing match at All In, sher’s had an amazing 2018 as champ, and she is the daughter of a Horseman (Tully Blanchard). Charlotte has been on top of the WWE since the moment she stepped foot through the doors and she has not disappointed us one bit. She had a 2018 that was up and down that saw her lose her title to a new and improved Becky Lynch, but she reinvented herself thanks to her match with Ronda Rousey. Oh yeah, she is also the daughter of a Four Horseman (Ric Flair) so while we will have to wait and see what happens this year. I’ll hope that the Diamond standard gets a shot at the Queen to see how good genetics really are since these are two of the most superior athletes in the game right now.

2. CM Punk vs AJ Styles

aj styles vs cm punkI have about a hundred different opponents that I would love to see CM Punk do battle with in the ring, but I’ll narrow it down to one (maybe two) match that I would love to see him wrestle. I look at matches like I am promoting a match and instantly the title The Best In The World vs The Phenomenal One comes to mind as I would love to see CM Punk take on AJ Styles. It’s one of those scenarios that probably never happen because Punk is dead set against coming back to wrestle and not just the WWE, but one can dream. This would have been a WrestleMania caliber match that would have tore the roof off the place with arguably two of the best in the business. Now, we do not know what lies ahead for any of these two other than the rumor that AJ will be headed to RAW and that Punk will be doing commentating for a small MMA promotion, but one can sit back and wish in his heart that this might happen someday. Would Punk hit AJ with the GTS or would AJ hit the phenomenal forearm and follow it up with a Styles clash?

3. Kenny Omega vs AJ Styles

aj styles vs kenny omegaYou didn’t think that I was going to keep the Phenomenal One off of this post just because of the last one did you? Listen the hottest free agent in all of professional wrestling is out there right now in Kenny Omega and if you are a WWE fan then you hope that this guy makes his debut at the WWE Royal Rumble and hits the ground running like his predecessor AJ Styles. AJ was the leader of The Bullet Club until he was hit with his own finisher by his successor Kenny Omega. You don’t think that in all of the madness that has been the last two years or so that AJ Styles has forgotten about that? We at one time hoped that the WWE was going to give us our dream rematch of AJ/Nakamura and they delivered at WrestleMania 34. They also delivered us Finn Balor (who was the leader of the Bullet Club before AJ) vs AJ Styles and that match was amazing. Now, we can only sdit back and hope that we get AJ Styles vs Kenny Omega at a WrestleMania or maybe even a Summerslam. That my friends is what is best for business and lord knows the WWE needs it now that AEW is around the corner and threatening. So, let’s make it happen WWE!!!

4. Bray Wyatt vs “The Switchblade” Jay White

I think the only reason I want to see this match is only because these guys essentially have the same finishing move. One calls it the Sister Abigail while the other calls it the blade runner. One can cut amazing promos that can mystify a crowd and the other is the hottest name in Indy wrestling now that he is the fifth leader of The Bullet Club. I have nothing else so let’s move on (maybe this isn’t a dream match yet).

5. Abyss vs Mankind

abyss vs mankindI don’t know how one promotion would have dealt with a match like this considering one was a carbon copy of the other, but I honestly would loved to have seen Mankind in his prime take on Abyss to settle once and for all who is the better monster. Mankind was definitely the better of the two, but Abyss is a physical specimen that is imposing. Both of these men have had legendary matches and have carried their respective companies at one time or another. This is definitely catagorized in the dream matches that we all think of when we’re playing WWE2K and saying imagine if Andre The Giant faced The Big Show? So, we’ll go ahead and put this int he video game fantasy mode because this is a fantasy match of mine.

6. The Young Bucks vs The Revival

young bucks vs revivalI want to indulge wrestling fans every where with this pick because it’s one that both teams have tweeted out that they’d love to do. These two could be considered hands down the two best tag teams in the business with The Young Bucks proving it on their own and after an outcry from the WWE Universe, The Revival are finally getting their chance to prove why they are the best in the WWE. I don’t see this match happening in the WWE if I am being honest so maybe when their contracts expire with the WWE maybe The Revival will head over to AEW. Nevertheless, I think this would be a fantastic match that combines two contrasting styles with the high flyers vs the nasty, fist in your mouth, Brain Busters styled team and those always make interesting matches. There was a belief once that Tag Team Matches carried the business and it definitely ruled in the WWE, but every time like it looks to get better they ruin it. Hopefully, The Revival is the start of the revival of tag wrestling and hopefully we get to see this match one day as well. This is it for part two, stay tuned for more dream matches as they come.