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mr-x-top-5As I have said many many times and I’ll say it again there is an abundance of wrestling at our disposal that it’s almost a dream come true because I remember being a teenager and wanting more wrestling than just the WWE and WCW because they were only on certain nights of the week. Now, we live in a world where you are getting WWE’s programming (RAW, Smackdown Live, 205 Live, NXT, NXT UK plus PPV’s when applicable), Impact Wrestling (free on Twitch), and so much independent wrestling whether it be Ring Of Honor TV on Fite, or all the various independent promotions that are on Independent Wrestling TV like Beyond Wrestling and ICW New York to name a few. Now, we are in the midst of a revolution in wrestling especially since AEW debuted with Double Or Nothing and with the fact that they have a weekly show coming in September. So with all this wrestling going on, I am once again here to present to you guys what I consider to be the top matches of the week from all the promotions that I have watched. If there is any match I may have missed and you think I should check it out then tweet me @EddieValiant82 on Twitter. Here are the matches that I believe you should check out, but to hear what my match of the week was, you’ll have to tune into my podcast Five Star Wrestling Podcast to find out when we read our five star moments/match of the week.

TJ Perkins vs Adam Brooks (PCW ULTRA Mind Crawler 6/14/2019)

tjpNow that TJ Perkins is free from the WWE, he can go and roam and be where ever he wants to be which includes coming home to PCW ULTRA for their event Mind Crawler. In his return match, TJ Perkins was taking on Adam Brooks for a shot at being the number one contender for the PCW ULTRAlight Championship. The match started off with each man showing each other up, but things quickly got serious. Ity looked as if Adam Brooks was going to be in control of the match as the huge blockbuster he nailed took a little bit out of TJP. Unfortunately for Brooks, that didn’t stop TJP from mounting a comeback with his high flying style of wrestling. At one point, it looked like TJP was going to put it away early, but while on the wrong side of the ropes, Brooks was able to climb up and nail a meteora on the ring apron. Due to this, Brooks injured his knee in the process and it slowed him down because when it came time for the swonton dive from the top, he gave TJP enough time to recover and he placed his knees up as Brooks came down and TJP finished it with the disaster kick to get the win.

Rush Vs Jay Lethal Vs Jeff Cobb Vs PCO (Ring Of Honor TV 6/14/2019)

Opera Snapshot_2019-06-19_112448_loangovernment.comYou can always count on Ring of Honor to bring you some of the most exciting matches around and they did just that this week on their TV tapings with a four corner survival match that featured the number one contender to Matt Taven’s ROH World Championship in Jeff Cobb taking on Rush, former ROH Champion Jay Lethal, and the freak known as PCO. This was a wild and crazy match where each wrestler sort of had their spot and PCO deserves a lot of credit being able to hang with the young guys as he begged them to do a suicide dive through the ropes at him. There was a lot of action in the match, but at one point, PCO was able to hit a pop up powerbomb to Jay, but Cobb was able to break up the pin count. Cobb follows that with delivering a brainbuster and then a standing moonsault on to PCO, but Rush was able to stop the pin count. Rush superkicked Cobb and delivers an overhead belly to belly suplex into the corner, but Jay Lethal is able to intercept. Eventually after PCO missed a moonsault from the top rope onto the ring apron, Lethal was able to get to Cobb, but Kenny King came down and distracted him allowing Cobb to hit the tour of the islands for the big win.

Puma King Vs Sammy Guevera vs Myzteziz Jr. (Gira Conquista 2019: Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide at Cancún 6/15/2019)

A triple threat in Mexico? Why the heck not and the match features some amazing prospects like the young AEW signing Sammy Guevera taking on Myzteziz Jr. and the very curious character known as Puma King. The match was very typical of a AAA or Lucha Libre match with each guy showing how impressive they can be both in the ring and in the fly zone. At one point, it looked like Myzteziz Jr. was going to take thew win after hitting an impressive 450 splash on Puma King, but Sammy Guevera was there to interrupt the pinfall attempt. Later on in the match, Myzteziz Jr. thought Sammy was out of the picture so after hitting a moonsault, he went to cover Puma King, but Sammy climbed the ropes and hit a shooting star press on top of the both of them, covered em for the 1-2-3. After the match Killer Cross made his way down to the ring where he destroyed both the Puma King and Myzteziz Jr. while Sammy wanted no part of it. The match fetaured some impressive moments especially from Sammy Guevera who hit an impressive standing Spanish Fly and Puma King was impressive as well for a bigger guy.

Seth Rollins Vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Raw 6/17/2019)

Opera Snapshot_2019-06-19_104451_loangovernment.comThere is not a lot to be excited for when it comes to the WWE and I am not 100% sure that I wanted to include this match, but for a main event for Raw I’ll take it. The match originally saw Seth try to nail a second suicide dive through the second rope, but Erick Rowan caught him and slammed him ending the match. All hell broke loose with the Revival, The Usos, The New Day, and more showing up forcing the referee to ban everyone from ringside and to restart the match. The match was actually a decent one when it returned from commercial break as Seth was ion control for most of the match. Daniel had his chances as well, but the brilliance of Bryan was his ability to counter Seth and he did it a couple of times as he countered a step up enziguri into the LeBell lock and later on doing the same thing, but this time countering a five star frog splash into the LeBell lock. Unfortunately in the end, Seth was able to hit the step up enziguri and he followed it with a curb stomp that was all it took to put away Bryan. 

Ultimo Guerrero vs Terrible (CMLL LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 6/17/2019)

Opera Snapshot_2019-06-17_235830_www.youtube.comAs is tradition in Lucha Libre, the matches are all best two out of three falls matches and usually each of the competitors seems to take one a piece before the definitive third fall. In an episode of CMLL from Puebla, Mexico, Ultimo Guerrero was taking on Terrible and he got his ass kicked for most of the 1ST fall before he was able to steal the fall with an interesting submission hold that I don’t know what to call. Terrible dominated the second fall before taking it to tie it up at one a piece and that is where the real action happened. Ultimo Guerrero had a lot to lose in this match especially when it seemed that the ref was pulling for Terrible. The last fall all came down to who was going to outsmart the referee as well and Ultimo did just that as he held on to the ropes for more added pressure to make sure Terrible did not kick out of that pinfall attempt as he succeeded in fooling the referee.

Dolph Ziggler vs Xavier Woods (Smackdown Live 6/18/2019)

Opera Snapshot_2019-06-19_103959_loangovernment.comAs I said for the match from RAW, it’s been very hard these days finding a good match to come out of RAW and Smackdown, but I had a feeling that Dolph Ziggler and Xavier Woods were going to bring it and they needed to after a sub-par promo session that happened before. The match started off with both men showing their amazing backgrounds in amateur wrestling as they jockeyed for an advantage. They would go back and forth in the match throwing everything they could at each other like an honor roll from Xavier or the zig zag from Dolph. At one point, I thought the match was done when Xavier lifted Dolph with a gorilla press, but chose to throw him down into a gutbuster. Unfortunately, he couldn’t put him away and Dolph ended up on the apron and that is when Xavier’s luck changed. Dolph proceeded to slam Xavier against the steel; post and followed it up with a superkick that connected. He throws him back in the ring where he hits Xavier with a zig zag, but he doesn’t cover him. He puts Xavier against the ropes where he tries to tie him up and then connects with a devastating superkick that was all he needed to get the 1-2-3.

Chris Dickinson vs Shane Mercer (Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory Ep. 12 6/19/2019)

At Americanrana 19, the “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson will be taking on Daisuke Sekimoto in what should be a great match, but until then Dickinson has been asking for the baddest that Beyond Wrestling can give him. On this week’s episode of Uncharted Territory, he took on the “Iron Demon” Shane Mercer in what most think would be his toughest opponent to date. For most of the match these guys were throwing everything they could at each other including chops that were leaving both their chests looking pretty raw. At one point it looked like it could go either way as Dickinson hit Mercer with a lariat, but Mercer kicked out. Mercer would return the favor with a gorilla press into a fall away slam, but Dickinson kicked out. Dickinson would try for a Memphis piledriver, but Mercer kicked out at one. Mercer would then proceed to hit a spinning lariat, but it wasn’t enough to put Dickinson away. What was it going to take for either one of them to win. It would take a chop, a spining kick, and another Memphis piledriver as Dickinson came out on top.