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mr-x-top-5 copyAs I have said many many times and I’ll say it again there is an abundance of wrestling at our disposal that it’s almost a dream come true because I remember being a teenager and wanting more wrestling than just the WWE and WCW because they were only on certain nights of the week. Now, we live in a world where you are getting WWE’s programming (RAW, Smackdown Live, 205 Live, NXT, NXT UK plus PPV’s when applicable), Impact Wrestling (free on Twitch), and so much independent wrestling whether it be Ring Of Honor TV on Fite, or all the various independent promotions that are on Independent Wrestling TV like Beyond Wrestling and ICW New York to name a few. Now, we are in the midst of a revolution in wrestling especially since AEW debuted with Double Or Nothing and with the fact that they have a weekly show coming in September. So with all this wrestling going on, I am once again here to present to you guys what I consider to be the top matches of the week from all the promotions that I have watched. If there is any match I may have missed and you think I should check it out then tweet me @EddieValiant82 on Twitter. Here are the matches that I believe you should check out, but to hear what my match of the week was, you’ll have to tune into my podcast Five Star Wrestling Podcast to find out when we read our five star moments/match of the week.

Villain Enterprises vs Mark Haskins, Tracey Williams & PJ Black (Ring Of Honor Best In The World 2019 6/28/2019)

pcoOne of the most impressive units in all of Ring Of Honor may just be that of Villain Enterprises which is comprised of Marty Scurll, Brody King, and the monster PCO. In all of there defenses of the Ring Of Honor Six Man Tag Team Titles, they have been successful as they are well on their way to breaking The Kingdom’s record, but there is one team that stood in their way and that was 2/3rds of Lifeblood in Tracey Williams and Mark Haskins who teamed with PJ Black. For the most part, the match was pretty even with both teams trying to one up each other in the beginning and then it was all out war as they threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other. I mean even PCO was attempting backflips everywhere he had a chance to which was how crazy the match was. At one point in the match, PJ Black had a chance to put away Marty Scurll, but when he attempted the back flip from the top rope, Marty was waiting with his boots up. Brody King would enter the ring and he would deliver a gonzo bomb to PJ and PCO would finish him off with a back flip from the top rope to secure the 1-2-3.

Jon Moxley vs Joey Janela (AEW Fyter Fest 6/29/2019)

dean6The match was officially a non sanctioned match which means that AEW was not accepting liability for what was going to happen in this match and it’s a good thing that they didn’t because this match was brutal. These guys used everything that was underneath the ring from steel chairs, steel chairs wrapped in barbwire, tables, boards wrapped in barbwire, a ladder, and even more tables. Both men at one point were just beaten, broken, and bleeding as they endured whatever they through at each other, but at one point, Moxley had had enough of the Bad Boy. He went underneath the ring and he brought a bucket into the ring and inside the bucket was a bag and guess what was inside that bag? If you guessed thumb tacks then you obviously know what a hardcore match is. The only problem is that Moxley proceeded to remove Janela’s shoes and his socks to drive him into the thumb tacks. Janela almost avoided it at one point, but Moxley picked him up like he was going to suplex him into it and just drove his body right into it. Then he picked up Janela and drove his feet into the thumb tacks before delivering a paradigm shift into the thumb tacks to get the 1-2-3.

Robbie Eagles vs Will Ospreay (NJPW Southern Showdown 6/29/2019)

crfnL2vwOne of the most intriguing matches of the Southern Showdown card was the one between Bullet Club member Robbie Eagles and IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay. The two had met on three previous occasions with Robbie having the advantage with two wins over Ospreay with the last one being a controversial win thanks in large part to El Phantasmo. The match was everything that it was cracked up to be with both men just throwing everything at each other, but the complexion of the match changed when Robbie took advantage of a knee injury Ospreay suffered during the encounter. Robbie did his best to take advantage of it, but Ospreay wouldn’t go down and it worried El Phantasmo to the point that he got involved in the match, but Eagles wasn’t going to allow Phantasmo to make a difference and it cost him. Ospreay eventually after not putting away Eagles with a shooting star press, resorted to hitting the blade and then finished off the match with the stormbreaker that got him the 1-2-3. I don’t know what Robbie’s future is in the Bullet Club, but I’m sure El Phantasmo will have something to say.

Honorable Mentions:

I honestly believe that one of the top Mexican wrestlers in the world is none other than Rush who is undefeated in Ring Of Honor and had one heck of a match on the kick off show with Flip Gordon at Best In The World 2019. One match from AEW Fyter Fest that deserves some recognition for sure was the women’s triple threat match between Nyla Rose, Riho, and Yuka Sakazaki because these women through everything they had at each other and it was entertaining. A match to check out especially if you have Independent Wrestling TV, you should check out WWR (Women’s Wrestling Revolution) Let Them Eat Cake and the match between Terra Calaway and Leyla Hirsch in what was a classic David vs Goliath match. Ricochet vs AJ Styles from this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw definitely deserves an honorable mention, but mainly because the end results was a heel turn move for The Club. The last match for this list is the match between Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Cameron Grimes which I thought was a really good match, but it didn’t top Joaquin Wilde vs Angel Garza match.