Main Event Madness: Bam Bam Bigelow vs Mike Awesome


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ambulance match starcade 2000Rumor has it that the Ambulance match that was being rumored for WWE Extreme Rules (the Raw PPV) between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns is off because of an injury to Strowman. Well since we are celebrating matches with no rules (No Hods Barred Month), I figured we would go back in time to check out an ambulance match featuring the late and awesome Bam Bam Bigelow. Back in 2000, Bam Bam was in a feud with Mike Awesome that culminated to this point at WCW Starcade 2000 as they did battle in an ambulance match. The match started out with both men trading advantages in the ring and even to the outside where it eventually spilled out. They were using everything they could find from the ring bell, cup of ice, to a steel chair on each other. Awesome though was looking for some revenge after missing a pay day at a PPV and he brought Bam Bam all the way to the ambulance where he used it as a weapon. Both men then repeatedly started using the ambulance as a weapon, but unfortunately for Bam Bam, he punched his hand through one of the windows aiming for Awesome who ducked.

10Bigelow eventually brought Awesome back to the ring where he would begin to inflict real punishment to him whether a big DDT in the ring or riving his head into the announcers table on the outside. When Bigelow tried to deliver an Irish whip to Awesome into the steel steps, Awesome was able to reverse it to take the advantage. It wouldn’t last long though for poor Mike Awesome. He would set up a table on one end of the ring to drive Bigelow into it, but when he ran for a full head of steam, he was backbody dropped into the table. Mike Awesome though must have had Lady Luck in his corner because he would get lucky. Bam Bam decided to punish him along the way to the ambulance. He body slams Awesome on top of the ambulance and proceeds to start ripping off the lights on top of the thing. As he goes to swing it, Awesome blocks it and takes it away from Bam Bam and hits him so hard that when he falls back, he goes through the roof of the ambulance making Mike Awesome the winner of the match. After all, that is the goal of the match to put your opponent inside of the ambulance. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.


Main Event Madness: Rosemary Vs Jade


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7For today’s match, we are sticking with Impact Wrestling and we are checking out the Knockouts this time around as Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Rosemary (Decay) takes on challenger Jade in a Monster’s Ball Match (the last one so far to date). As Rosemary was walking around the ring being a freak, Jade wasted no time hitting her with a suicide dive and some lefts and rights. It wouldn’t last long as Rosemary was able to duck under a clothesline and deliver one of her to Jade on the ramp. As soon as they entered the ring, Rosemary quickly resorted to using the weaponry at her dispense beating jade with a trash can lid and even a kendo stick. Rosemary however would take too much time as she exited the ring to grab a little black bag that we all know contains those lovely thumbtacks. As he spread them around one corner of the ring, she looked to deliver a vertical suplex to Jade, but Jade blocked her attempts and threw her off and hit her with a missile dropkick. This created some much needed separation for Jade as she was a little bit out of her element in this match that more suited Rosemary.

8Jade would take her belt off and she’d use it on Rosemary for a bit before grabbing the kendo stick. Unfortunately, she catered to the crowd too much and it allowed Rosemary to use the trash can itself stealing the advantage. After positioning a trash can between Jade’s legs, she would climb the top for what we believed was going to be a missile dropkick right into it, but Jade got up and used the trash barrel to knock her down. Immediately after that, Jade delivered a German suplex to Rosemary on top of the thumbtacks that Rosemary laid out earlier in the match. As soon as Rosemary rose to her feet, she tried to use her secret weapon which was the mist, but Jade used the trash can lid to block it. After weathering a tiny attack from Rosemary, Jade drove her right into the barbwire covered board. She would then take the board, lay it on top of Rosemary and then deliver a lionsault on top of the board driving the barbwire right into Rosemary. How much more could Rosemary possibly endure in this match as he game plan was failing right in front of her own eyes. Jade’s ultimate reason for her demise is that she took too long climbing the ropes and signalling to the crowd that she was going to try for a 450 splash, because it gave Rosemary time to cut off the attempt. Rosemary would then deliver the final nail in the coffin with a superplex right into a table as she immediately covered Jade after for the 1-2-3.



Main Event Madness: Abyss Vs Mick Foley


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4At one time or another, everyone must have thought that the character of Abyss was a complete total rip off of Mick Foley’s Mankind character. How about for now we look at it as the possible evolution of that character and what it could have been in the hands of a more physical specimen like Abyss. What if I told you that the two of them collided in the ring at TNA’s Bound For Glory 2009 PPV in a Monster’s Ball Match which is basically a hardcore match always involving Abyss. It was the hardcore legend taking on his demonic doppelganger in a match that only one could walk out in one piece and it featured Dr. Stevie (Stevie Richards) as the special guest referee.  As Abyss was making his way to ringside, Mick felt it necessary to skip having an entrance and he opted to use a barbwire covered baseball bat on Abyss. Mick would take Abyss to the ramp where he would hit him with a swinging neck breaker, but the ever crazy mind of Mick Foley started to work as he climbed the stage set. Abyss began to follow, but unfortunately for him, Foley would punch him off of the set and Abyss went through the entrance ramp.

5With Abyss out of it, Foley grabbed the bat and went charging in with it as he crashed on top of Abyss. Abyss though was not out of the match at all he began fighting back hitting Foley in the ring with a trash can three times. Abyss would take his eyes off of Foley for a moment as he grabbed a board with barbwire from the outside. As soon as he tried to chokeslam Foley, Mick was able to reverse it with a DDT on top of the board. He would follow it up by taking the barbwire on the bat across the forehead of Abyss. Abyss would gain a bit of offense as he reversed an Irish whip into the corner where another board of barbwire was with an Irish whip of his own. When he went to do the splash, things did not go his way as Foley moved out in time and then dropped an elbow on Abyss who was sandwiched between two boards. Dr. Stevie would make a huge mistake in the match, he would hand Foley thumbtacks. Now the mistake would come when he reminded Abyss that if he used the thumbtacks to his advantage in any way, he would lose the match.

6So, he dropped Foley and delivered Shock Treatment to Richards instead eliminating him from the match. Daffney would make her way out to ringside where she would hand Foley a taser and believe me he used it on poor Abyss. As a new referee came down to ringside, Abyss was able to kick out (it looked like the referee stopped so that he could). Foley would then pull out Mr. Socko and he would wrap him with some barbwire, but Abyss was able to avoid it with a drop toe hold that sent Foley face first into the barbwire board. When the referee went for the count, Stevie would pull him out of the ring and he would knock out the new referee. It was complete chaos at ringside as Daffney climbed the ropes as it looked like she wanted to attack Abyss, but instead of that, Abyss would choke slam her into a board of barbwire that one side was held by the ring while the other by the security barrier. Dr. Stevie tried to get involved by attacking Abyss, but the big man delivered a black hole slam right on top of the thumbtacks eliminating that threat from the match. Abyss would then dispose of Foley by chokeslamming him into the barbwire covered board, but there was no referee. Now worries because he grabbed Richards, dragged him over, and used his hand to count the 1-2-3 for the win.

Main Event Madness: Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena


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Extreme_Rules_(2012)_PosterAt the time of Extreme Rules 2012, I felt that the WWE was lacking in the excitement category. I felt that the writing and the talent that the WWE had at the time was not showing their true potential. The only exciting wrestlers at the time were Daniel Bryan and CM Punk and John Cena in my opinion had become stale. The match he had with The Rock at Wrestlemania the month before wasn’t the greatest match of the night, but a lot of us were happy The Rock had won. But on April 2ND, when John Cena was blabbering about his loss to the Rock, we were treated to a special return. All of a sudden, Brock Lesnar’s music had burst out of the speakers and the man was back. He headed to the center of the ring and before any words could be spoken between the two, he delivered an F5 to John Cena. That set up the very fight we are talking about here on Into The Vault, it was the first ever meeting between Brock Lesnar and John Cena in an extreme rules match.

lesnar cenaJohn needed to win this match badly, he couldn’t go two PPV’s in a row with losses, he would have never been the same. Right from the get go, Brock tackled Cena and busted him wide open with some huge elbow blasts to the head that connected. Brock would brutalize Cena with tons of fists and some brutal knees to the ribs. I mean for a good 10 or 15 minutes, Brock was brutalizing John Cena. He was dismantling the fan favorite and any time Cena tried to gain some momentum, Brock was there to cut it off. Some time into the match, John tried to hit the AA, but Brock countered it and hit Cena with the F5. The only problem is Cena’s leg knocked referee Charles Robinson out of the ring. When the second referee showed up, it was too late.

lesnar cena 2They had wasted too much time as Cena kicked out. So, in response, Brock clothes-lined the referee out of the ring. A couple of minutes later, Brock would bring the steel steps into the ring as he used it for leverage when he locked in the Kimora lock. Cena was able to get himself free by using his power to lift Brock and slam him against the steps. Cena would try to climb the top rope to drop a leg in Brock, but Brock would move out of the way as Cena rolled to the outside. After Brock regained his composure, he used the steps as a launching pad as he ran into a defenseless Cena hanging on the outside of the ring, but Brock would stumble as well. Brock would try for the same move a second time, but he didn’t realize that Cena was able to get his hands on the chain as he used it on Brock Lesnar. Cena came back into the ring and he delivered an AA to a bloodied Brock Lesnar and he pinned him for the 1-2-3. John Cena would win the first of the three battles these two have had so far. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.

Main Event Madness: Randy Orton Vs Bray Wyatt


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WWE-house-of-Horrors-Randy-Orton-Bray-Wyatt-600x250Last Sunday at WWE Payback, we had what I was calling both an interesting match and a throw away match when Bray Wyatt met WWE Champion Randy Orton in a House Of Horrors match. It was an interesting match because it was a no holds barred match that started in a house somewhere and finished in the ring later on. It was a throwaway match because it was a non title match and both of them were on separate shows. When the match started, Orton pulls into the driveway and gets out of the limo and enters the house. The match soon turns into a sequence from a horror film with cutaway shots and laughter from baby dolls that you obviously know are not making the noises. They attacked each other with Bray running away into a different room when things got tough. Before Bray took off, they battled in the kitchen where it looked like Randy would have the upper hand until Bray dropped the fridge on top of him. When we got back to the arena, Randy was suddenly there as he blasted away at Bray. When he coiled up to hit what we thought would be an RKO didn’t happen because The Bollywood Boys provided a distraction. Enough of a distraction that when he got rid of them, Jinder Mahal was there to hit him with the title that allowed Bray to get the win. It was a decent match that had no meaning in my opinion towards the future. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.

Main Event Madness: Juventud Guerrera vs Rey Mysterio


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67It’s Cinco De Mayo which means that some of you are going to be drinking up on Corona’s and Margaritas, but not yours truly. You see I am going to enjoy watch a couple of Mexican legends square off in one of the most legendary indie companies in history. You see you can’t have a month dedicated to No Holds Barred, no rules, hardcore matches without the kings of Hardcore in ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling). They changed the way the game was played with the big boys (WWE and WCW) and I am forever grateful for that. The match we have for you guys today is a match that literally dropped jaws everywhere when Lucha Libre legends Rey Mysterio and Juventud Guerrera locked up at ECW’s Big Ass Extreme Bash in 1996 in a best two out of three falls match. One thing I will warn you is the action is fast and quick as you see Juventud go from working on Mysterio’s leg to ending up in a Muta lock within seconds. Both competitors were literally throwing haymaker kind of moves at each other just trying to see who would get the first pinfall.

68At one point in the match, Juventud looked to wear down Mysterio, but ended up on the outside after a hurricanana sent him reeling. Rey would try to follow it up with something high risk, but Guerrera read it, but still got a kick from Rey who then hit him with a springboard moonsault on the outside. After getting him back in the ring, Rey would try for a vertical suplex, but Juventud reversed it into a brainbuster. After failing to get the pin, he was able to hit Rey with an incredible springboard somersault kick that sent Rey to the ground hard. Then Juventud decided that he would follow it u with a full nelson German suplex which earned him the first pinfall of the match. You have to think that being down a pinfall would make Rey nervous, but he kept his cool and went right at Juventud nailing him with a hurricanrana and some chops. After reversing Rey’s attempt an Irish whip, he would send Rey right into the corner, but when he came full speed ahead at Rey, Rey moved out of the way forcing Juventud to hit the turnbuckles hard and land on his neck as he tried a cannonball like maneuver.

69Then as Juventud went to the outside and came back up on the ring apron, Rey climbed the ropes and hit Juve with a hurricanrana to the outside. The funniest and coolest thing would happen next in the match. Rey climbed back in the ring and it looked like he was going to allow the referee to start his count when he ran towards the opposite ropes, came back, leap frogged over the referee, and hit a somersault plancha on Juve outside of the ring. Rey would throw him back in, hit him with a powerbomb, and try for the pinfall, but Juve kicked out. He’d follow it up with a springboard moonsault, but Juve wasn’t willing to give up that quick. After a switch in momentum, Juve tried to climb the ropes for a crossbody, but gets dropkicked in the gut instead to which Rey follows it up with a gut-wrench powerbomb which earns him the second pinfall of the match. Now, the match was even at one pinfall a piece between Juve and Rey so the question was whether Rey could keep the momentum going or not to get a second pinfall to win the match overall.

70Right out of the gates, Juve came attacking Rey as he set him up on the top turnbuckle. It looked like he was going to hit him with a hurricanrana, but hit him with a dropkick instead that sent him to the outside. He would then hit Rey with a torpedo dropkick out of the ring and follow it up with a springboard moonsault of his own into the crowd. As soon as he threw Rey back into the ring, he would hit him with a springboard spinning heel kick, but he couldn’t get that pinfall. He would try for a springboard somersault leg drop, but Rey moved right out of the way as Juve hit the mat. One thing is for certain and that is these two were putting on a clinic for people in the ECW Arena. After trading advantages back and forth which included fighting all over and outside of the ECW arena, it looked like Juventud was going to hit Rey with a razor’s edge from the very top turnbuckle, but reversed it and turned it into a hurricanrana which was all she wrote as Rey got the 1-2-3 to win the match 2 to 1. What a match this one is, it’s a must see for sure. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.


Main Event Madness: Zeus/Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan/Brutus Beefcake


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6You can’t have a whole entire month dedicated to No Holds Barred type matches without having the No Holds Barred match featuring three icons and an actor inside of a steel cage (the old blue WWF stupid looking cage). In 1989, the WWE partnered with New Line Cinema to make a film that featured Hulk Hogan and Tiny Lister (Friday) as Zeus in the film No Holds Barred. The movie was kind of a joke to most, but in November of 1989, they had an event where you watched the film and some wrestling matches with the main event being Macho King Randy Savage teaming with Zeus to take on Hulk Hogan and his sidekick Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake in a steel cage match in Nashville, TN. Before Hulk Hogan could get inside the ring, Sensational Sherrie would jam the cage door on Hogan forcing Beefcake to fend for himself against both Zeus and Savage. After subduing Beefcake, Savage began to focus on choking Hogan from inside the cage while Hogan was on the outside. While Earl Hebner tried to get Macho King from letting go, Sherri locked Hogan out of the cage leaving Beefcake all alone in the ring.

65With Zeus taking care of Beefcake, Savage let go of Hogan which was a big mistake because Hogan was able to get a right hand in there to daze the Macho King. Instead of panicking, Hogan started climbing the cage because it was essentially the only way he was getting into the cage. As soon as Hogan came in, he landed a big clothesline on the Macho King, but after a clothesline didn’t phase Zeus, Hogan used the cage to knock the big man down for the first time. After that, he turned his attention back to Savage as he threw him towards Beefcake who then delivered a backbody drop against the steel cage. Beefcake will then grab Zeuss and deliver an Irish whip into the corner where Hogan is waiting with the big boot that catches it’s mark sending the big man down again. Beefcake would repeat the process, but this time with Savage as they pounded away at him. It was looking like they had figured out the puzzle to beating them, but then again Zeus was inhuman as he threw both Beefcake and Hogan into the cage headfirst after they tried to do it to him.

66Then as per usual, Zeus decides to just choke Hogan in the center of the ring while Savage tried to climb out of the cage. The only problem is that to win, both members of a team have to climb out of the cage, but no matter Beefcake chased him down and brought him back in. After getting Savage back in, he turned his back to focus on Zeus and while having Zeus in a sleeper hold, it allowed Savage to climb the ropes to drop an elbow on him to get him off of Zeus. After double teaming each member of the team, they decided to climb the cage to win the match, but Hogan and Beefcake were quick to stop it and all four men were down on the mat which did not please Sherri at all. After suckering Earl Hebner to open the door, Sherri stole the chain, knocked him down, and then gave the chain to Savage. Savage then climbed all the way to the top, he faced towards the ring with the chain in hand, and flew like an eagle, but Beefcake caught him with a fist to the gut. Hogan would all of sudden Hulk up while Beefcake climbed out of the cage and successfully to the floor. After hitting the five moves of doom which included not one, but two leg drops, Hogan covered Zeus for the 1-2-3. I’m just gald this was the last we saw of Zeus in the WWE. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.

Main Event Madness: MVP vs Batista


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5All month long here on Mr. X’s Punch Out, we are celebrating throwing the rule book out the window with No Holds Barred month. That means that every match we choose for the whole month of May will be some sort of No Holds Barred match whether it be Extreme Rules, Deathmatch, Steel Cage, or even just a plain old No Holds Barred match. For today’s match, we are going back to a March episode of Smackdown where MVP Montel Vontavious Porter was defending his WWE United States Championship against Batista in a no holds barred rematch. You see, MVP was able to squeak his way past Batista the week before due to a count out, but Batista was looking for payback just 16 days before WrestleMania XXIV. MVP was going to have to rely on finesse and speed in order to defeat the powerhouse that is Batista and he showed that after avoiding a shoulder tackle from the Animal as he mocked him on the outside. After showing the speed again, Batista was finally able to catch him as he slammed him against the turnbuckles to which he followed with a snapmare and a boot to the face.

63Batista’s run wouldn’t last long as the always thinking MVP was able to take control after after a nice overhead suplex and a boot to the face sends Batista out of the ring. MVP was staying on top of Batista even choking the animal with his own MVP chain. After MVP exposed the turnbuckle, he tried to use it, but Batista blocked it and hit MVP with a huge running powerslam. Batista would try to finish MVP off by hitting a Batista bomb, but somehow he knew it was coming and he squirmed his way out of the ring. Despite suckering Batista in with a chair shot the gut, Batista was still able to take control as he punished MVP on the outside slamming his head into the announce table and then just pounding away against the security barrier. After he was done swinging away on MVP, he thought Ill just slam his head into the steel post, but MVP had other plans as he was able to block it and reverse it. The Champion was showing just how resilient he was as he was willing to do whatever to retain the belt. The Animal also decided to show how resilient he was, but it ended when MVP kicked him in the family jewels.

64With Batista reeling in the corner from getting kicked in the you know what, MVP would follow it up with a huge kick to the face that dazed the challenger. You had to wonder what was coming next and it looked like MVP wanted to do some damage with the chair, but as soon as he started walking over with it, he was speared by Batista. After failing to get the pinfall, he would deliver a huge boot to MVP that would send him back out of the ring, but when Batista went after him, MVP would use a chair and strike him with it punishing the right knee. MVP wasn’t satisfied though, so he started taking the padding off the floor exposing the concrete. When he tried for what looked like a piledriver, Batista reversed by hitting him with a back body drop right on the concrete. Batista would then return the favor with some chair shots, but he couldn’t get the pinfall. After exchanging quick advantages, Umaga appeared out of nowhere and he attacked Batista hitting him with the Samoan spike. Afterwards, MVP took advantage of it and got the pinfall victory. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.

Main Event Madness: Cactus Jack vs Terry Gordy


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61I do want to warn people that the matches that are associated with the month of May this year and our theme of No Holds Barred may not be suitable for everyone. Reader discretion is advised from here on out. As I just said, we are celebrating No Holds Barred matches of all kinds here at Mr. X’s Punch Out and you can’t have one of these without a Japanese Deathmatch and it’s King of the Deathmatches at one time Cactus Jack (Mick Foley). In 1995, Cactus Jack put it all on the line when he traveled to Japan to participate in the tournament as he faced WCCW legend Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy in the first round. The match starts with both wrestlers on the outside on opposite sides of the ring while the referee counts down from 10. Now the reason for that is that the ring is lined up with various weapons for the wrestlers to use. As soon as it hit zero, they both rushed in, but Gordy prevented Cactus from grabbing the barbed wired bat and instead he used it on him forcing Cactus out of the ring. Terry of course would follow Cactus outside where he continued to beat with some big rights.

62When they got back in the ring, he tried to hip toss Cactus into a pile of thumbtacks, but he just missed it. The biggest mistake Cactus Jack could make in this match is to just have a fist fight with a brawler like Terry Gordy which he quickly learned in the match. Cactus was enduring just as much punishment in this match as he was dealing out and he was already busted open at one and that was just from the fists of Gordy. After delivering two straight lariats, Foley landed near the box of thumbtacks and without hesitation, Gordy stomped on his head forcing it in the thumbtacks. Despite all the thumbtacks jammed in his temple, he fought back and he grabbed the barbed wired baseball bat and he used it on Gordy’s head. Despite the burst of offense from Foley, it was short lived as Gordy piledrived him into a table that didn’t break on the outside of the ring. When they went back into the ring, Gordy powerbombed Foley into the table of thumbtacks. After forcing a rope break, Cactus grabbed a bunch of the thumbtacks, threw them at Gordy, and then DDT’d him into the thumbtacks. That was all it took as Cactus Jack covered him for the 1-2-3. Tobe perfectly honest, after the DDT, it looked like Gordy wanted no part of this Deathmatch thing anymore. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.

Main Event Madness: David Starr vs Joey Janela


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1We are doing something a little different for the month of May because it’s no holds barred month here on Mr. X’s Punch Out. That is right, we are checking out all sorts of matches that deal with their being no rules whether it be a street fight, steel cage match, anything goes, last man standing, etc. Yesterday afternoon, I attended a show by Beyond Wrestling that was phenomenal and it featured a favorite of mine in David Starr and a new favorite in “Bad Boy” Joey Janela each in their own respective matches. I purchased a DVD from them called Beyond Wrestling presents Paying Paul which was taped at the Electric Haze in Worcester, MA back on January 29, 2016. The event featured an anything goes match that pinned David Starr against Joey Janela with the very attractive Penelope Ford in his corner. There was obviously some disdain between the two because as soon as the bell rang fists were flying and making their mark. At one point, David was looking to be in control of the match when Penelope got involved by jumping on him. David would slam her off of him, but when he tried to make her look at “IT”, she bit it which allowed Joey back into the match.

2Joey would go quick to the outside to introduce a steel chair into the match which is essentially our first no holds barred item of the match. Unfortunately for Joey, after he was delivering a whopping to David, he threw himself against the ropes, but when he came back he was slammed by Starr right on top of the chair which was not folded by the way. David would exit the ring to grab a tiny table as the crowd put it, but he spent too much time setting it up because when he went to slam Joey into it, Joey reversed it and DDT’d him right on the warped chair. You could see right away that David was busted open from the DDT and Joey just began working on with some punches right to the head. Joey sensing that he was in control decided to climb the ropes for a senton, but when he did it, David was smart and he put his knees right up for Joey to land on. David then would go out of the ring and he would grab skewers (that is not a typo) and as he entered the ring, he dazed at Janela with eyes of vengeance or at least that he was going to enjoy this.

3Unfortunately, Penelope got in the way with a huge distraction, but when he went to hit her with the skewers, she matrixed and then put him in a head scissors. That allowed Janela enough time to regroup again and nail Starr with a superkick, but he didn’t let go of the skewers. She tried some acrobatic moves, was caught by David, and skewered in the head for her troubles. David would try to set her up for a tombstone, but Janela saved her by skewering his head to which he followed it up with a tombstone of his own. He didn’t get the pinfall, but you had to wonder what else were these two going to do to each other. Joey was being brutal as he repeatedly stabbed him in the head again with the rest of the skewers to the point that you could see the damage that was being done. Then in a very torturous effort, Joey grabbed Kosher salt and he started to pour it all over David’s head putting the Jewish Cannon in a lot of agony. David was literally screaming as Joey poured the whole entire box over him.

4David was in a daze or at least it looked that way as he was gazing out into the crowd as he climbed through the ropes to the ring apron. Joey thought that he would take advantage of the situation by charging at him for what might have been a spear, but David countered with a DDT through the ropes and on to the ring apron. David went on a rampage as he hit Janela with a Canadian Destroyer and despite Janela’s attempts to squirm out of it, he was powerbombed into the tiny table. David unfortunately couldn’t get the pinfall as Janela kicked out at two. David would exit the ring where Beyond officials looked very concerned for his well being, but he was in search of a chair. David would then climb back into the ring where he would set up a broken half of the table. Unfortunately for him after he set up Janela up top, Janela hit him with a death valley driver right through the tiny half of the table. Janela would then go in search of items to which he discovered a chair, but he wasted too much doing so. When he went to deliver a brain buster on top of the chair, David reversed it and hit one of his own.

5The match was bordering on sick and perverse, but the crowd was absolutely loving it and both men were feeding off of it. There was something deep inside David that said that he wanted to punish Janela so he grabbed multiple cinder-blocks and threw them into the ring. Janela would take advantage of the time it took by hitting a falcon arrow and then after setting up one cinder-block on Starr, he followed it with a double foot stomp crushing the chest of Starr. Things got a little out of hand as soon as Janela began suffocating Starr with a Target bag, but despite that he was able to get the blackheart buster on Janela. He would proceed to smash against the brick wall that close to ringside and he followed it up with a German suplex on top of the cinder-blocks. That was all it took as David covered him for the 1-2-3 and the win. It was truly an insane match that I don’t recommend anyone doing on their own. David Starr regained his WXW Shotgun Championship from the Bad Boy. This is an example of some of the matches we are talking about here that you can expect all month long. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.