Main Event Madness: John Cena vs Eddie Guerrero


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4When it comes to different types of No Holds Barred matches, I have been scouring the internet looking for them. We’ve hosted an ambulance match, a deathmatch, and now we have for all of you out there a parking lot brawl. On the September 11, 2003 episode of WWE Smackdown, John Cena would battle Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero in a parking lot match. After months of the pestering Cena who was a much better and grittier character in 2003 then he is in 2017, Eddie Guerrero was out to end this feud especially after Cena had stolen his low rider. The two when the match finally started were just beating the hell out of each other as they slammed each other on top of the cars. After bodyslamming Cena on top of a car, Eddie climbed it and went to deliver a vertical suplex, but Cena reversed it and delivered it to Eddie forcing him to land on the roof of the car. At one point, Cena opened up a minivan and started grabbing weapons which was everything from a lawnmower to a shovel to try and use on Guerrero to which he failed every time to land a shot. Thank God for that because the lawnmower would’ve not been a pretty site to see what damage it caused.

5Eddie would proceed to use a car to his advantage as he hit Cena with the car door and then proceeded to beat him while he choked thanks to a seatbelt being around his neck. Cena would eventually do the same as he backbody dropped Eddie on to a windshield and then started beating him with the car door. The match was not pretty at all as both men would proceed to go through a car window at some point in the match head first. This is everything a WWE fan wants in a match and they were delivering. At one point in the match, John was looking to end it by delivering an FU (basically an AA) to Eddie on top of a car, but Eddie was able to reverse it with a hip toss. Then out of nowhere, Chavo comes out and smashes something on top of Cena’s head which gave Eddie the time to hit a five star frog splash from the top of a car for the win as he covered John for the 1-2-3. The rest as they say is history and we will always miss Eddie Guerrero.


Main Event Madness: Vampiro Vs Corporal Robinson


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vampiroNow, if you were a fan of the Attitude Era like I was then you will all remember the time the Insane Clown Posse was involved with both WCW and the WWE. In the WWE, the Insane Clown Posse ran with The Oddities which was one of the coolest segments of the time that I enjoyed a lot. I then remembered that the Insane Clown Posse founded their own wrestling company called Juggalo Wrestling Championship or simply just JCW. So, the match I have for you tonight is from one of their pay per view called Bloodymania 5 and it pins one of my favorites from WCW in Vampiro challenging the JCW champion Corporal Robinson for his belt. The match started off with both men trying to gain the upper hand in the collar & Elbow tie up until a visitor came down to ringside. Evil Dead made his way down to the ring and eventually inside of it as he attacked both men delivering a double DDT. Then as both men tried to rise to their feet, they were engaged in a good ole fashioned slugfest.

vampiro 2Both men then traded advantages and big shots, but Corporal Robinson seemed to be on top of things, always cutting off Vampiro’s onslaughts. Both men were showing off what they could do from Vampiro’s educated feet to an impressive tornado DDT from the Corp. But it wasn’t until later on in the match when things started to get interesting as both men started bringing some toys to the ring like chairs and tables. As one of the announcers said, it went from being a classic wrestling match to something very violent. Unfortunately, no one went through the table which I am sure some people were bummed out about. Vampiro was on the advantage hitting Corp with kicks, the steel chair, but the Corp never gave up and at one point in the match it looked like someone gave him a shot of adrenaline because he brought it to Vampiro. At the end of the match, he was able to hit Vampiro with the bootcamp which is basically a cobra clutch leg sweep and he covered him for the 1-2-3 and the win to retain his title.

Main Event Madness: Killshot vs Marty Martinez


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wmdWe are continuing right along with another edition of Main Event Madness goes No Holds Barred style. Now I have to be 100% honest in saying that I haven’t watched too many episodes of Lucha Underground which by the way airs every Wednesday on the El Rey Network. I decided to check out an episode from last year which was the second episode of season three and the featured match is a Weapons Of Mass Destruction match between Marty Martinez and Killshot. If you do not know what kind of match that is it’s basically a no holds barred street fight with military style weapons around the ring along with your standard chairs. For the first ten minutes of the match, they spent it on the outside of the ring with Killshot getting the best of Martinez with a Gatling gun to the head which busted Martinez open and just brutal beatdowns on the outside. After only being in the ring for only a minute or so, Martinez was able to take control by throwing a running Killshot face first into a ladder to create some separation.

wmd-1Most of the match, Martinez would counter to slow Killshot down, but then he would waste too much time allowing Killshot back into the match every time. At one point, Martinez superplexed Killshot on top of some missile cases and that slowed both men down for sure as they reveled in pain. After both men slowly made it to their feet on the outside apron of the ring, Killshot delivered an AA like maneuver to Martinez on top of a ladder on the outside and then proceeded to throw him back into the ring and deliver an double stomp from the top rope. He covers him for the pin, but Martinez would kick out at 2. The action just gets more intense after that as we see Martinez powerbomb Killshot onto a table on the outside of the ring and you agree with the crowd who is chanting “Holy Sh**”. The outdoing of moves continued with Killshot hitting an JML driver, but Martinez kick out of the pinfall attempt. At one point in the match, they have a 20 foot ladder set in the middle of the ring with a table on each side of it. Both men have climbed to top of the ladder and they are try to gain the upper hand by throwing hay-makers at each other. Then out of nowhere, Martinez’s sister Mariposa tries to help him out, but Killshot kicks her until she falls and goes through a table. He then gains the advantage on Martinez, steals his dog tags back, and delivers the swerve stomp to Martinez through the table. He then covers him for the 1-2-3.


Main Event Madness: Mr. McMahon vs Stone Cold Steve Austin


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19One of the greatest rivalries that the WWE had back in the Attitude Era was the home run that was the Mr. McMahon vs Stone Cold Steve Austin rivalry. It transcended wrestling in so many ways because it was the blue collar champion vs the white collar crime committers. Stone Cold was the guy that everyone wished they could be because who didn’t want to deliver a stone cold stunner to their boss? Well, the rivalry kept heating up especially after the fact that Mr. McMahon eliminated the rattlesnake to win the Royal Rumble in 1999. After relinquishing his spot in WrestleMania, Austin was the next in line, but he would put everything on the line at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacred In Your House PPV inside of a steel cage (The old blue steel cage, but in black this time). Mr. McMahon promised Stone Cold that no member of the Corporation would be present at ringside, but that may have been a mistake on his part. At first Mr. McMahon wouldn’t enter the cage making Austin chase him around the ring. When Austin was on the outside, McMahon was being preventative of Austin getting into the cage so Austin pretended that when he landed on the floor that he tweaked his knee.

22.pngThis immediately suckered McMahon to the outside where Austin would start opening that can of whoop ass. He literally started to beat Mr. McMahon all over the arena whether in the crowd or around the ring. McMahon was reeling from the beating, this could be the biggest mistake he has made. Then McMahon started to climb the cage and Austin followed, but when they got near the top of the cage, Austin slammed his head so hard into it McMahon went flying off it and into the Spanish announce table. Austin would eventually continue the assault in the ring until an unexpected visitor came bursting out of the ring who was technically not a member of the corporation in The Big Show. The Big Show tried to assault Austin by throwing him against the cage, but when he did, the cage fell apart and Austin landed and hit the floor to win the match. This was as good as you could get out of this amazing rivalry between the two that defined the attitude era.


Main Event Madness: Joey Janela Vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman


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2Maxwell Jacob Friedman is one of the most brash and cocky individuals on the Indie scene right now and rightfully so as he defeated Ethan Page for the Alpha 1 Wrestling Outer Limits Champion. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough time to celebrate as the Bad Boy Joey Janela came charging in with a trash barrel that left it’s mark. Maxwell was begging Joey to talk things out, but Joey paid no attention as he slapped on the figure four leglock. The fight would eventually spill outside the venue where Joey continued to deliver punishment to MJF despite any attempt at offense that MJF had. The match would see MJF use a dumpster as a weapon, Joey climb into a complete strangers SUV and clothesline MJF, and even a kneedrop from the top of said SUV, but MJF or Joey would not give up. After some more running around the parking lot, MJF would get Joey into a Boston crab, but Joey was able to reverse it and he nailed MJF with a superkick which was all it took as he got the 1-2-3. This is why we are celebrating No Holds Barred month here on Mr. X’s Punch Out.



Main Event Madness: The Sandman Vs Steve Corino Vs Justin Credible


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ecwYou can’t have a month dedicated to bending the rules without having a match from one of the most legendary companies that preached hardcore wrestling other than ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling). With a roster that included the likes of Raven, The Sandman, Tazz, The Dudley Boys, and Tommy Dreamer it’s no wonder they revolutionized the way the business was run. With that being said, I have an interesting match for you guys today as The Sandman takes on ECW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino and Justin Credible in a triple threat Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and Canes match for the championship. The was the first and only time in the history of ECW that the belt was defended in this manner and you had to think that the odds were totally stacked against the champion with not fighting just one, but two guys in the same match. When the match started it looked like Corino and Credible may work together against The Sandman, but Corino had other plans as he began taking them out one by one. Nonetheless, the three began brutalizing each other with the ladders at ringside and occasionally a kendo stick. There was no clear front runner as soon as one looked like he had momentum, another would step in and change the tide.

ecw 2At one point in the match, they had Sandman in the corner reeling from taking a shot with the ladder. Corino sets up the ladder so that it’s open and pointed at the family jewels of Sandman. Both Corino and Credible get chairs and they hit each end of the ladder forcing impact to the jewels. The mayhem would continue with The Sandman going through a table on the outside and Credible getting a drop toe hold that forced him face first into a chair. Don’t fear though for The Sandman because he would dish out his own brand of punishment as he delivered a vertical suplex into a ladder to Corino while launching a busted open Credible into a table that Credible set up himself on the outside. Then the ultimate fail would happen in the match. Sandman believed that he had everyone gone so he set up the ladder and he tried to climb it. As soon as he got near the top, the legs bent and the ladder collapsed. After going into another table and suffering a huricanrana from Francine (who was at ringside), the Sandman never gave up and he brought a bigger ladder. All he had to do was wait for Corino and Credible to put themselves through a table because he climbed the ladder and he grabbed the belt becoming the new champion. It didn’t matter much because within a few minutes he defended and lost the belt on the same night to Rhyno in one minute.

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Main Event Madness: Pete Gas vs Crash Holly


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21The WWE back in the year 2000 was an interesting time especially if you were a fan of the Hardcore Championship and the newly implemented rule that made the title defendable 24/7. Crash Holly unfortunately found that out the hard way when he and Prince Albert were jumped at the Newark Airport on an early March episode of Monday Night Raw. After Prince Albert fended off most of the posse, Pete Gas was able to cover Holly for the 1-2-3 and he was now the new WWF Hardcore Champion. Although as soon as Pete Gas started to celebrate, he was nailed from behind by Crash Holly with a scale. As soon as he went down, Holly pinned him for the 1-2-3 and he was once again WWF Hardcore Champion. What a crazy time that was especially when you consider that Raven was a 27 time champion.

Main Event Madness: Michael Elgin vs Kenny Omega


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17There has been a lot of different types of matches where the rules are allowed to be bent like a no holds barred match, a hardcore match, a leather strap match, a steel cage match and even a house of horrors match. One type of match that we have not covered that usually garners up some great matches in the history of the sport is the Ladder match which in it’s own right can be one hellacious kind of match. That is why for today we are checking out one from NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling) that features one current candidate for match of the year in 2017 in Kenny Omega taking on the beast Michael Elgin in a ladder match for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship at NJPW Dominion 6.19 in Osaka jo-Hall. You had to wonder going into the match what kind of role Hangman Page and Yujiro Takahashi were going to play in the match as they hung out at ringside in Omega’s corner. Before the match could officially start, the referee inspected the ring and discovered that The Young Bucks were hanging out under the ring which made things a little better for Elgin. As soon as the bell rang, Omega tried to get a head start on Elgin, but it didn’t work as he was able to fend him off with a big shoulder block.

18Omega was going to have to rely and his speed and agility in the ring against the powerhouse abilities of Michael Elgin and he was doing a very good job of it at first as Elgin put his power on display. A match of this magnitude is also about the spots and Kenny would use his head when he noticed Elgin grabbing the ladder, he springboard crossbodied himself on the ladder which landed on top of Elgin. He followed it up with a huge moonsault over the top rope and on to Elgin, but that is when it pays to be in a club because Page and Takahashi made their presence felt as they attacked Elgin. As Kenny grabbed a ladder and went into the ring, Page and Takahashi attempted to make him watch as Kenny climbed, but he fought out of it forcing Omega down and proceeded to use the ladder like a helicopter as he took out all three Bullet Club members. Elgin began to abuse the heck out Omega as he used the ladder to his advantage to punish him.

19For most of the match, these guys were seriously punishing each other to the point you wondered just how much could they take. We see Kenny do a springboard sunset flip powerbomb over a ladder that Elgin was standing on. We see Elgin deliver a backbody drop and send Omega into the ladder crushing it and rendering it useless. After making a makeshift ladder table with two trash cans holding the ladder, Elgin gets powerbombed into it by Omega. They must use all of the ladders available to them as weapons as they beat each other senseless. They were also throwing everything they could at each other like big forearm shots from Elgin or a sling blade from Omega, but both refused to quit. Later in the match after he powerbombed Omega into two tables that didn’t break, he went for it, but The Young Bucks stopped it as they stopped him from climbing. They proceeded to handcuff him to the corner and they beat him up until Ricochet and Matt Sydal came to the rescue eliminating The Young Bucks. Noticing that Omega started climbing the ladder, Elgin used all of his strength to rip the handcuffs from the corner. He grabbed the ladder and sent Omega to the outside eliminating him from the picture as he climbed the ladder grabbing the belt for the win. What a match between the two reminding me of the Attitude Era.


Main Event Madness: Big Van Vader vs Sting


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SuperBrawl_IIIThere are so many types of no holds barred matches in the world of wrestling and we have already seen a hardcore match (Monster’s Ball Match), an ambulance match, a house of horrors match, death match, steel cage match, and now we are about to add a strap match to that list. A leather strap match is a match where both men are tied to the same leather strap and the object of the game is to touch all four corners of the ring uninterrupted. That is the type of match we are checking out as Vader took on Sting in a non sanctioned strap match at WCW SuperBrawl III back in 1993. Non Sanctioned match meant that Vader’s WCW World Heavyweight Championship was not on the line that night against  the legendary Sting. You had to wonder what Sting’s game plan was going to be considering Vader outweighed him by at least 200 pounds and Vader had former champion Harley Race in his corner. Vader was a smart man because he was using his size and power difference as a weapon against Sting right from the get go. That didn’t stop Sting from trying however as he fought back.

15.pngSting was able to get the big man off his feet with some impressive fists to the chin that sent Vader down. Then it was a succession of splash’s from the top that kept Sting going as he followed it up by whipping Vader with the strap. Sting continued his run by using the strap outside the ring to get Vader to hit the steel post. With a bloodied Vader (welts on his back) on the ground, Sting attempted to touch the corners on the outside. He was able to touch two posts, but when it came time for the third, Vader stopped him and threw him into the security fence. Sting tried to regain his advantage in the ring, but a couple of body blocks stopped that. Once again in the match, Vader was using his size as an advantage with clubbing blows and a huge Vader bomb at one point. After a bg crucifix slam from the second rope, Vader would attempt to touch the corners for the first time in the match. Vader would successfully touch two corners, but when it came to the third he was trying to drag Sting. Unfortunately for him, Sting was able to end the momentum with a kick to the side of the head.

16Despite all of Sting’s attempts or times that he stops a potential devastating move, Vader was always the first one up and ready to fight. After a huge superplex from the corner, Vader would attempt to hit the corners for a second time in the match. This time around, Vader was able to touch three corners, but Sting once again broke the momentum with a huge punch to the kisser that waved the attempt off. Once again though, Vader was the first one up and he was hitting Sting with some punishing lefts and rights that were hitting their mark. Sting finally looked like he was going to take advantage of the match with an impressive German suplex and he stayed on top of Vader hitting him with some impressive lefts and rights of his own. Sting would lift Vader up on to his shoulders, but Vader’s foot hit referee Nick Patrick sending him to the mat. Sting on his second attempt, hit three corners, but he couldn’t hold Vader for long and the ref was out of it. Vader would hit Sting with the Vader crush which allowed him to tie the strap around Stings foot. As he dragged Sting on his third attempt, he touched all three corners, but Sting put up some resistance on the attempt for the fourth corner. Unfortunately for Sting, he would kick Vader into the fourth corner and Vader hit it to secure the fourth corner and the win. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.

Main Event Madness: Bam Bam Bigelow vs Mike Awesome


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ambulance match starcade 2000Rumor has it that the Ambulance match that was being rumored for WWE Extreme Rules (the Raw PPV) between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns is off because of an injury to Strowman. Well since we are celebrating matches with no rules (No Hods Barred Month), I figured we would go back in time to check out an ambulance match featuring the late and awesome Bam Bam Bigelow. Back in 2000, Bam Bam was in a feud with Mike Awesome that culminated to this point at WCW Starcade 2000 as they did battle in an ambulance match. The match started out with both men trading advantages in the ring and even to the outside where it eventually spilled out. They were using everything they could find from the ring bell, cup of ice, to a steel chair on each other. Awesome though was looking for some revenge after missing a pay day at a PPV and he brought Bam Bam all the way to the ambulance where he used it as a weapon. Both men then repeatedly started using the ambulance as a weapon, but unfortunately for Bam Bam, he punched his hand through one of the windows aiming for Awesome who ducked.

10Bigelow eventually brought Awesome back to the ring where he would begin to inflict real punishment to him whether a big DDT in the ring or riving his head into the announcers table on the outside. When Bigelow tried to deliver an Irish whip to Awesome into the steel steps, Awesome was able to reverse it to take the advantage. It wouldn’t last long though for poor Mike Awesome. He would set up a table on one end of the ring to drive Bigelow into it, but when he ran for a full head of steam, he was backbody dropped into the table. Mike Awesome though must have had Lady Luck in his corner because he would get lucky. Bam Bam decided to punish him along the way to the ambulance. He body slams Awesome on top of the ambulance and proceeds to start ripping off the lights on top of the thing. As he goes to swing it, Awesome blocks it and takes it away from Bam Bam and hits him so hard that when he falls back, he goes through the roof of the ambulance making Mike Awesome the winner of the match. After all, that is the goal of the match to put your opponent inside of the ambulance. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.