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WWE_Fastlane_2018_PosterLast month, WWE’s Raw had the floor with Elimination Chamber, but in the countdown to WrestleMania 34, Smackdown now has the floor. Tonight from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, WWE Smackdown will be the brand trying to prove it’s worth heading into the show of shows when it hosts Fastlane. With that being said, there are only two results that must happen for me to care about WrestleMania and that is Shinsuke Nakamura needs to walk away with a win over Rusev and AJ Styles needs to escape the six pack challenge still your WWE Champion. AJ Puts the WWE Championship on the line against Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, John Cena, Baron Corbin, and Dolph Ziggler. All the real wrestling fans want is a match between Shinsuke and AJ on the grandest stage of them all and just watch them steal the show. That would be the ideal thing to happen as John Cena struggles with the fact that he doesn’t have a guaranteed match heading into Mania. Now I am not saying that there isn’t any other matches on the card worth checking out, but those are the main important results I need to happen.

Fastlane_fsdfsdfsdfsdfNow, I am surprised that the WWE decided not to go with Dolph returning and claiming that he is the real US Champion and not Bobby Roode setting up a ladder match at Mania. No instead they have Randy Orton stepping in to face Bobby Roode for the one title he has never possessed in the company. I feel like this is an opportunity for the company to say thanks for holding the belt, but we think Randy Orton can make it a more viable championship than you. I don’t know about you, but is anyone else OK with The New Day not possessing the Smackdown Tag Team Championships again? Are there no other tag teams on the Smackdown roster? Now, I am not hating on your boys, but giving us the same match for the 100TH time is going to get old for us even though The Usos steal the show every single night. One match that should be interesting to watch is that Smackdown is being smart with one of their women’s teams as they are giving Ruby Riot a shot at the Smackdown Women’s Championship when she takes on Charlotte Flair. This should definitely be a match worth checking out as we’ll get to see what Ruby can do against a veteran like Charlotte.

2eaf5bfcd8f1a27a-600x400The match that I think could stink up the show potentially and should be a pre-show match (considering they haven’t announced one at the time of me writing this) is the women’s tag team match that sees Becky Lynch team up with Naomi to take on Natayla and Carmella. I haven’t really paid to much attention to Smackdown so I don’t know what the point to the match is unless it has WrestleMania implications. Overall, I think it’s going to be a pretty decent PPV that doesn’t necessarily wow you, but it’s enough to keep you entertained for the time being. As long as the WWE makes the right decisions regarding results then that should help it as well. If any pre-show matches are announced after the publishing of this article, then you can go to my Twitter account to see those predictions. Now check out my predictions for tonight below:

AJ Styles will win the Six Pack Challenge

Shinsuke Nakamura will defeat Rusev

Charlotte will defeat Ruby Riot

The Usos will defeat The New Day

Bobby Roode will defeat Randy Orton

Becky Lynch and Naomi will defeat Carmella and Natalya