NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool- My Thoughts and Results


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nxt_uk_takeover_posterThe WWE made an amazing announcement back in December when they announced the first ever NXT UK TakeOver event that was emanating from the home of the inaugural UK Championship Tournament at the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool. Unless you follow NXT UK every week, you might not be too familiar with some of their wrestlers on the card, but you should all be familiar with Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven), Pete Dunne, and even the second Mae Young Tournament winner Toni Storm. All of them were in action in what was a fantastic card of action that did not disappoint. The card started with the finals of the WWE NXT UK Tag Team Championship tournament that pinned Moustache Mountain against the team of Zack Gibson and James Drake. While I may have mixed feelings about the way the match ended, there was no denying that this match set the bar very high for the night. Tyler Bate is further proving to me that he is going to be a big star in this business with so much amazing strength and athletic ability. I loved the nod to The British Bulldogs that we saw from Moustache Mountain and the trunks they wore.

balor-nxt-ukJordan Devlin is another superstar who has really found his footing in NXT UK and he was in action next against Travis Banks. The only problem is that the match didn’t happen because of a knee injury that was reactivated by Devlin who was attacked outside the ring by Banks. Johnny Saint and Sid Scala however had other plans for Devlin as they announced that Banks’s replacement was none other than Devlin’s teacher Finn Balor. Now, we knew that Finn wasn’t going to lose the match, but Devlin kept up with Balor all the way through the match even in defeat. The next match saw Eddie Dennis get his shot at redemption against the man who ended his undefeated streak in Dave Mastiff in what was an OK match that had a couple of good spots. Other than that, it was a little sloppy and not as exciting for a No DQ match. Nevertheless, the show would move on and we would get out NXT Women’s Championship Finals rematch as champion Rhea Ripley defended her crown against Toni Storm. There had to be some of you out there that were pulling for Storm especially with the last couple of weeks she has had.

f7573-15473311398637-800I was definitely pulling for her, but in reality I really wanted the both of them to have an amazing match. While it started a little shaky at first, they definitely picked up the pace and challenged the opening match for match of the night honors. They gave it their all and they definitely left it all in the ring as Toni pulled off the amazing win. I feel as though this is not the last time we’ll see this two clash. The last match was just pure brutality as Joe Coffey challenged WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne in what is ultimately my match of the night. Both of these guys went back and forth for what seemed like more than a half hour, but the match did not disappoint. The match reminded me of what made the NXT brands so amazing, but the excitement didn’t just end with Dunne retaining the championship. No, it was the NXT UK debut of Walter that ended the show with a bang. The final thing that I will say is that the UK crowd definitely puts the American crowd to shame as the noise level is pure insanity from beginning to end. The crowd at Blackpool last night should be proud of themselves for that enthusiasm. It was a great night and I look forward to more from NXT UK.



Dream Matches Part 2


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dream matches part 2 copyLast month I listed some of my dream WWE matches that I would love to see happen in the near future. I thought it was a pretty good list, but I am back to do part two and this one is different. You see for today’s Dream Matches, we are thinking outside the box and beyond the walls of the WWE for matches we would just love to see happen in general. While Chris Jericho made a lot of our dreams come true last year by challenging Kenny Omega, there are still a ton of matches he and many others haven’t had and the possibilities are endless. Now the rules are simple, all you have to have is an imagination and leave your elitist opinions at home because we are just trying to have some fun here.

1. Tessa Blanchard vs Charlotte Flair

charlotte vs tessaI’m naming this one first because we have to be honest with ourselves in realizing that the best thing going in the Impact Knockouts division is Tessa Blanchard! She had an amazing match at All In, sher’s had an amazing 2018 as champ, and she is the daughter of a Horseman (Tully Blanchard). Charlotte has been on top of the WWE since the moment she stepped foot through the doors and she has not disappointed us one bit. She had a 2018 that was up and down that saw her lose her title to a new and improved Becky Lynch, but she reinvented herself thanks to her match with Ronda Rousey. Oh yeah, she is also the daughter of a Four Horseman (Ric Flair) so while we will have to wait and see what happens this year. I’ll hope that the Diamond standard gets a shot at the Queen to see how good genetics really are since these are two of the most superior athletes in the game right now.

2. CM Punk vs AJ Styles

aj styles vs cm punkI have about a hundred different opponents that I would love to see CM Punk do battle with in the ring, but I’ll narrow it down to one (maybe two) match that I would love to see him wrestle. I look at matches like I am promoting a match and instantly the title The Best In The World vs The Phenomenal One comes to mind as I would love to see CM Punk take on AJ Styles. It’s one of those scenarios that probably never happen because Punk is dead set against coming back to wrestle and not just the WWE, but one can dream. This would have been a WrestleMania caliber match that would have tore the roof off the place with arguably two of the best in the business. Now, we do not know what lies ahead for any of these two other than the rumor that AJ will be headed to RAW and that Punk will be doing commentating for a small MMA promotion, but one can sit back and wish in his heart that this might happen someday. Would Punk hit AJ with the GTS or would AJ hit the phenomenal forearm and follow it up with a Styles clash?

3. Kenny Omega vs AJ Styles

aj styles vs kenny omegaYou didn’t think that I was going to keep the Phenomenal One off of this post just because of the last one did you? Listen the hottest free agent in all of professional wrestling is out there right now in Kenny Omega and if you are a WWE fan then you hope that this guy makes his debut at the WWE Royal Rumble and hits the ground running like his predecessor AJ Styles. AJ was the leader of The Bullet Club until he was hit with his own finisher by his successor Kenny Omega. You don’t think that in all of the madness that has been the last two years or so that AJ Styles has forgotten about that? We at one time hoped that the WWE was going to give us our dream rematch of AJ/Nakamura and they delivered at WrestleMania 34. They also delivered us Finn Balor (who was the leader of the Bullet Club before AJ) vs AJ Styles and that match was amazing. Now, we can only sdit back and hope that we get AJ Styles vs Kenny Omega at a WrestleMania or maybe even a Summerslam. That my friends is what is best for business and lord knows the WWE needs it now that AEW is around the corner and threatening. So, let’s make it happen WWE!!!

4. Bray Wyatt vs “The Switchblade” Jay White

I think the only reason I want to see this match is only because these guys essentially have the same finishing move. One calls it the Sister Abigail while the other calls it the blade runner. One can cut amazing promos that can mystify a crowd and the other is the hottest name in Indy wrestling now that he is the fifth leader of The Bullet Club. I have nothing else so let’s move on (maybe this isn’t a dream match yet).

5. Abyss vs Mankind

abyss vs mankindI don’t know how one promotion would have dealt with a match like this considering one was a carbon copy of the other, but I honestly would loved to have seen Mankind in his prime take on Abyss to settle once and for all who is the better monster. Mankind was definitely the better of the two, but Abyss is a physical specimen that is imposing. Both of these men have had legendary matches and have carried their respective companies at one time or another. This is definitely catagorized in the dream matches that we all think of when we’re playing WWE2K and saying imagine if Andre The Giant faced The Big Show? So, we’ll go ahead and put this int he video game fantasy mode because this is a fantasy match of mine.

6. The Young Bucks vs The Revival

young bucks vs revivalI want to indulge wrestling fans every where with this pick because it’s one that both teams have tweeted out that they’d love to do. These two could be considered hands down the two best tag teams in the business with The Young Bucks proving it on their own and after an outcry from the WWE Universe, The Revival are finally getting their chance to prove why they are the best in the WWE. I don’t see this match happening in the WWE if I am being honest so maybe when their contracts expire with the WWE maybe The Revival will head over to AEW. Nevertheless, I think this would be a fantastic match that combines two contrasting styles with the high flyers vs the nasty, fist in your mouth, Brain Busters styled team and those always make interesting matches. There was a belief once that Tag Team Matches carried the business and it definitely ruled in the WWE, but every time like it looks to get better they ruin it. Hopefully, The Revival is the start of the revival of tag wrestling and hopefully we get to see this match one day as well. This is it for part two, stay tuned for more dream matches as they come.

Impact Wrestling Homecoming: My Thoughts and Predictions


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330px-impact_homecomingThere is something that we should all be thinking about when it comes to tonights Impact Wrestling Pay Per View entitled Homecoming. Is the end near for Impact Wrestling as we know it? How much more into obscurity can this company go to when it switches to a channel that does not exist in my neck of the woods. It is the saddest deal that I have ever seen a company get excited about especially with the news of the new promotion AEW (All Elite Wrestling) that is sure to be the final nail in the proverbial coffin for Impact Wrestling. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone considering they tried to sell their company to AEW (Don’t believe me, just click here) and they couldn’t even get that deal to work. Nonetheless, there are some interesting matches on the card that fans should enjoy like the best women’s wrestler that is not in the WWE in Tessa Blanchard as she defends her Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie. The other match that has peaked my interest is the Ultimate X Match that sees Ethan Page, Jake Crist, Rich Swann, and Trey Miguel all compete for the Impact X Division Championship. X Division matches never seem to disappoint so you can bet I’ll be looking forward to that one. Enjoy Impact Wrestling while you can because soon enough they won’t have a home or a network. Here are my predictions below:

Abyss will defeat Eli Drake

Tessa Blanchard will retain

Ethan Page will Ultimate X

Brian Cage will defeat Johnny Impact

LAX will defeat The Lucha Brothers

Moose will defeat Eddie Edwards

Willie Mack will defeat Sami Callahan

Jordynne Grace and Kiera Hogan will defeat Allie and Su Yang

Wrestle Kingdom 13 Does Not Disappoint


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wk13New Japan Pro Wrestling’s annual WrestleMania like event Wrestle Kingdom 13 took place yesterday at The Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan with some sort of unrest in the air as some futures still lied uncertain. Nevertheless, the company did not disappoint the fans with the caliber of matches that were on the card and the wrestlers certainly delivered what would be one memorable night of wrestling. One word could be used to describe what we saw in the Tokyo Dome and that word is passion. That is exactly what was displayed in the ring and that was passion for the art and love of professional wrestling and that is why people will wake up at four in the morning eastern time just to watch this annual event. One match that definitely helped set the tone for the night was the very first match of the card that featured NEVER Openweight Champion Kota Ibushi who defended it against Will Ospreay in what ended in such a brutal fashion with Ospreay hitting Ibushi with a forearm that looked like it knocked Ibushi out. That match was followed by the first of two three way tag team matches with this one for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship as champions Yoshinobu Kanemaru and El Desperado defending against Roppongi 3K and Bushi and Shingo Takagi. It was definitely the better of the two matches as Bushi and Takagi were able to steal a victory.

47cf1-15465938408661-800The next match was a lesson in basic torture as Zack Sabre Jr. physically took apart and dissected “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii for The RevPro British Heavyweight Championship. If you love submission wrestling then Zack Sabre Jr. is the man to watch besides Jonathan Gresham. The next was the second of the three way matches and I just thought that while it did contain some good spots, it was just a little too sloppy for my liking as Sanada and Evil walked away the new champs. I didn’t know until after the event that Cody Rhodes shouldn’t have even been wrestling with the injuries he has, but he still gave a valiant effort even in defeat against Juice Robinson. Now we get to the matches that make it hard to choose just one for Match Of The Night. The first up was the very impressive match between “The Bone Solider” Taiji Ishimori who took on IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Kushida in a match who from start to finish gave us a match that was one of the best I have seen as both men left it out in the ring.

nkwk 13The next match featured the legendary “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada who took on what could be the future of pro wrestling and the Bullet Club in “Switchblade” Jay White. I have to say that the last five minutes or so of this match was the best wrestling I had seen in a very long time. I am very impressed with what Jay White brings to the table and he will continue to be on my radar. The next match was a no DQ match that pitted IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho against the very strange Tetsuya Naito in a match that was worth the price of admission. I continue to be impressed with Jericho and how he has been able to hang and reinvent himself once again in New Japan. Naito won the match in what should be the finale of this rivalry and what a good one it was. The last match of the night pinned the IWGP Heavyweight Champion and former Bullet Club Leader Kenny Omega against the legend of NJPW “The Ace” Hiroshi Tanahashi who was looking to win the title for an eighth time. The match went almost 40 minutes in length falling just short of the mark and it never disappointed. Kenny Omega has mastered the art of fighting long matches and there never being a dull moment. Whether it was Tanahashi hitting Omega with the Styles Clash, Tanahashi going through a table, or just the high powered offense of Omega never left a dull moment in the ring.

njwk13Tanahashi would escape the clutches of the One Winged Angle to finish off Omega for good with a frog splash to claim the title for the eighth time. Both men left it all out in the ring as both men were visibly tired from what had transpired in the ring. The only question remaining now is where does Omega go from here? Does he take the same road that his predecessor AJ Styles took and go to the WWE? Or does he go with his mates in The Elite and sign with All Elite Wrestling? Only time will tell on what decision he makes in the coming months, but there is one more choice and that is he can resign with NJPW where he is considered a wrestling God. I am going to give the match of the night honors to Omega Vs Tanahashi, but just know that Ibushi vs Ospreay was a close second for me.

My Top Dream Matches Part One


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dream matches part oneWith all of the sudden changes and the McMahon family taking over the WWE telling the universe that they plan to listen to what they want had me thinking a bit. Since Christmas is around the corner and the results from the tapings this past week already getting spoiled for me, I decided to come up with a list that I wish Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, and Shane McMahon will all listen to. All I want for Christmas this year are my dream matches that are yet to happen in the WWE or haven’t been explored enough. Let’s be honest, we are all sick of seeing Rey Mysterio take on Randy Orton, but we want more of matches like Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura which we saw at this years Survivor Series which by the way was a fantastic match. All the WWE Universe is saying is that we want you to stop force feeding us trash like Bobby Lashley, A.O.P., and anything else we haven’t been enjoying over the last year or so. What we want is more tag team matches because that division is dying and it needs a boost. Right now, here are all of my dream matches that need to happen WWE:

Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey

becky vs rondaThis is obviously at the top of the list for a reason and that is because what we saw from Becky and Ronda before Becky’s injury was absolute gold. Their feud on Twitter and in the the halls of the WWE has trumped (for lack of better words) anything that the men have been doing and is certainly more interesting than Seth vs Dean. We all know that this match more than likely may happen at WrestleMania 35 (which it should) and if it does happen than this needs to main event the whole damn show. This is the greatest generation of women’s wrestlers the industry has ever seen and there is no one better to set history than these two. We just hope that the brass at the WWE know a smart business decision when it smacks them right in the face.

Kalisto vs Rey Mysterio

kalisto vs reyFor a very long time, all I wanted was to see Rey Mysterio take on Sin Cara in the battle of the Luchadores, but in the sense of a generational thing like the Rock had with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania X8. Unfortunately, Sin Cara never really panned out in the WWE (both versions to be exact) and Kalisto seemed to be this day and ages new Rey Mysterio in the past couple of years. It almost seems impossible that it’ll happen with Rey on Smackdown Live and Kalisto trapped in the Lucha House Party on RAW and 205 Live, but I think this is a match that can happen somewhere down the road. Rey is an absolute legend in the business who showed that you didn’t have to be 6’7″ and built like a brick sh** house to be a star in the wrestling world. Now he needs to pass the torch to the next in line which is obviously Kalisto and while I’ll try not to hold my breath for this one, I’ll definitely dream about seeing it. Plus, I truly believe that these two would excite a crowd with the action whether it be on RAW, Smackdown Live, or 205 Live.

Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles

aj vs seth copyI honestly do not believe that Seth Rollins and AJ Styles have ever locked up in a one on one match in the WWE. Seth Rollins is a guy who is carrying a generation of wrestlers in the WWE right now as he is and always was the future of the company. AJ Styles is a legend in the business that did things a little differently than most when it came to his road to the WWE. In the last two years or so, AJ has proved that he can carry a championship and a brand on his shoulders and he continues to do so. I mean the man had a five star match with John Cena which are words that are often not uttered a lot. Seth Rollins had one of the most impressive title runs the first time around before he suffered that knee injury that put him on the shelf for a while. He has since made a major return and has had some fantastic matches with whomever he steps in the ring with (except Dean Ambrose). I think the two best wrestlers in the business need to clash in the ring sooner rather than later.

Lars Sullivan vs Braun Strowman

Braun vs LarsI know one has done very little in the WWE itself while the other one is the darling of the WWE Universe with his catchy catch phrase, “Get These Hands.” I am talking about the monster of NXT Lars Sullivan and the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman who despite having a title shot at the Royal Rumble is most likely not walking out with the Universal Championship. What should happen is what I like to call the battle of the Gargantuas as I propose Lars Sullivan vs Braun Strowman. It would be the perfect match to establish Lars as the most dominant monster in the WWE since you’ve established that the Monster Among Men is nothing compared to the Beast Incarnate. This one also plays into my next dream match after this one so bare with me. I have to agree with my fellow colleague on Five Star Podcast who has stated that the WWE should treat Lars in the same way they had treated the Big Red Monster Kane when he first debuted in the WWE and that is just make him dominant.

Brock Lesnar vs Lars Sullivan

brock vs larsI am giving you a two for one right here with Lars Sullivan, but I want to treat it more like a funeral for Brock Lesnar. I think the WWE Universe is absolutely done having a Universal Champion who is only contractually obligated to be there six times a year. They have a plethora of talent to the point that if they knew how to use them then they’d be all set bringing back someone like Brock. It was cool for the first year or two when he was picking on guys like John Cena, but there is no use for him anymore. That is where Lars Sullivan comes into play here and again bare with me. Lars has just come off a big win over Braun and now to establish himself as the most dominant force the industry has ever seen, he sends Brock Lesnar into retirement and back to the UFC where he belongs because this is Lars’s house now. It would be a passing of the torch moment that I would force Brock to do so that we can move on from him and into the future. I know the guy hasn’t wrestled on the main roster yet, but this is a chance for the company to establish him as a dominant force. This is part one of Dream matches with Mr. X so stay tuned here for part 2.

WWE TLC 2018: My Thoughts and Predictions


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759104-1After watching Ring Of Honor’s biggest show of the year in Final Battle on Friday, there is only one thing that I am hoping for out of tonight’s WWE TLC 2018 and that is some solid performances with a shot of the right decisions made. We are steadily approaching the Road to WrestleMania so the proper story lines need to be planted now. When the clock strikes 7PM ET at the SAP Center in San Jose, California, the tenth annual TLC will kickoff and there is quite the list of matches on the card and I am not even sure if there is a pre-show match. Out of all the matches on the card tonight, let’s be 100% honest with each other because you know just as well as I do that there is only one match that we are all chomping at the bit to see and that is Becky Lynch vs Auska vs Charlotte in the first ever women’s TLC match. This has been the most exciting television for the WWE in a very long time whether they like to admit it or not, but Becky Lynch is the man of the company now. She is not only making women’s wrestling exciting, but she is make the WWE exciting again. I am also predicting that this will headline TLC and it will be match of the night.

Ronda-Rousey-Nia-JaxNow that I was able to get that off of my chest we should take a look at the rest of the card that has matches ranging everywhere from interesting to who cares. The first match I am saying who cares to is the Ronda Rousey vs Nia Jax match because you know damn well that Nia is not winning the title tonight. Ronda will be walking into WrestleMania with the belt and she’ll be taking on one of the losers of tonights WWE TLC match in the main event. A match that has definitely peaked my interest is the triple threat match for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships. ow  that we’ve seen these competitors in plenty of tag team matches, but have The USOS, New Day, or Cesaro & Sheamus ever really disappointed you? These are three of the best tag teams on Smackdown right now and they’ll prove it once again tonight. Another match that I say who cares about is the Mixed Match Challenge match. The only thing that sucks about a series that no one has followed are the implications that winning it provides which is the number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble respectively.

20181203_TLC_BryanStyles-a6876e25834c419cc94bdce1b8fecc5dYou know Braun Strowman will not be showing up to TLC to take on Baron Corbin due to elbow surgery so I think that Bray Wyatt makes the return tonight in his place. It has been a while since we’ve seen the eater of worlds and he needs the proper push plus Vince is making an appearance which either means he is firing Corbin or making him the permanent general manager. Corbin’s cronies all have matches tonight as well and those should be decent matches as Drew McIntyre takes on Finn Balor and Bobby Lashley takes on Elias. 205 Live will make another appearance on a WWE PPV as Buddy Murphy defends his belt against Cedric Alexander in what should be a good match as well. One match that you know will be good, but I am just not impressed with his heel turn is the WWE Championship match between Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. You know these two are going to deliver tonight, but will anyone still care about Daniel being a heel? Well, the answer is maybe because it is growing on me a little bit. I just thinking making it happen the same week that Dean turned on Seth was a bad idea.

wwe-tlc-2018-match-card-758x332Speaking of Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins, this is just there rivalry from a few years back renewed, but with the roles reversed as Seth is now the face who was betrayed by his partner who is now the heel. Way to go WWE on being so creative with your storytelling skills, but I will still watch the match because these two are money in my opinion. I am a huge fan of the Riott Squad which means that the veteran Natalya should be there to put Ruby over tonight in their tables match especially after the segment on this past week’s Raw. I’m just saying that there is no better person than Natalya to put Ruby over at a PPV. I am not sure if I throw this next one in the I don’t care lot, but I am not sure I am even excited to see Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio to be perfectly honest. I’m definitely glad to see Rey back in the company, but that is only because I want my dream match of Kalisto vs Rey Mysterio. I am also definitely happy that Randy got his killer instinct back, but I could pass on this one. I think this should be a decent PPV with a lot of good spots, but the question is where is the WWE going with the company moving forward. Check out my predictions below and be sure to follow the Twitter account for a new Podcast project that I will be apart of in 2019 called Five Star Wrestling:

Ruby over Natalya

Charlotte over Auska and Becky

Ronda Rousey over Nia Jax

Rey Mysterio over Randy Orton

Carmella and R-Truth over Alicia Fix and Jinder Mahal

Buddy Murphy over Cedric Alexander

Elias over Bobby Lashley

Drew McIntyre over Finn Balor

Baron Corbin Over Bray Wyatt (I know better than to think that this is where Lars Sullivan will make his debut because it won’t happen)

Daniel Bryan over AJ Styles

Dean Ambrose over Seth Rollins

The USOS over The Bar and The New Day


R.I.P. The Dynamite Kid


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_104628369_dynThe wrestling world lost one of it’s most innovative competitors the sport had ever seen in the 1980’s when The Dynamite Kid a.k.a. Thomas Billington came through. Thomas Billington died today on what was his 60TH birthday and at this time we do not know what the cause of death is, but we suspect that he has been in poor health for years so that could be a contributer. Born in Golborne, Lancashire, England, Thomas Billington was known to fans as The Dynamite Kid where in the WWE he teamed up with his cousin Davey Boy Smith to form the legendary tag team The British Bulldogs who won tag team gold once in their brief tenure. Thomas also made a name for himself where ever he went forming incredible feuds with Bret Hart in Canada and then a legendary rivalry with Tiger Mask during his time with New Japan Pro Wrestling. The great thing about The Dynamite Kid is that in a world that was all about suplexes, body slams, clotheslines, and not much else, he was doing things that others were not. He had influenced a major amount of wrestlers in the attitude era including Chris Benoit who emulated his flying head butt and snap suplex. Unfortunately for Thomas, his career would be short lived as he suffered through a lot of his injuries that would eventually leave him paralyzed in his left leg. Bret Hart once commented in an interview that Dynamite Kid, “Was the best to ever lace a pair of boots. He was the best there was.” R.I.P. Thomas “The Dynamite Kid” Billington (12/5/1958- 12/5/2018)

WWE Survivor Series 2018: My Thoughts and Predictions Plus NXT TakeOver WarGames


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Survivor_Series_2018_posterOne of the greatest things to happen in the WWE in the last year or two has been the women’s evolution where the men finally have to step up their game against a women’s division that is evolving at a high pace. The greatest thing to happen to the women’s evolution in that time span has been the one and only Becky Lynch, the Smackdown Live Women’s Champion who has been cutting some of the best promos around. At the WWE’s 32ND edition of Survivor Series, we were supposed to have the incredible match up between Becky and WWE Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, but we were robbed of that due to a Nia Jax elbow to the face put Becky out of commission. It is not completely Nia’s fault because accidents do happen, but that would have been match of the night. But now, we were left with Smackdown and it’s writers deciding to flip the script and change everything. We will get the rumored WrestleMania 35 match between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey and then for some god awful reason we got a heel turn from Daniel Bryan as he defeated AJ Styles for the WWE Championship which now means that Daniel is taking on WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar in what will surely be billed as David vs Goliath.

3462841-20181112_survivorseries_womens--3f217428d7ccd1be3dc0773dfc7bc5eeNow all the excitement for the PPV has almost completely left my body, but there are some matches that could save the night from being a total waste. I honestly believe that WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs WWE United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura has the potential to be a match of the night winner as two of the best in the business in my opinion go at it for brand supremacy. I honestly do not believe that Brock Lesnar has what it takes anymore to put on an OK match which is why I think they are giving Daniel Bryan a shot, but I’d be surprised if he won. I honestly believe that Charlotte is going to be the saving grace of that match just like Becky Lynch would have been meaning that they will carry the match. As much as I would love to see the RAW women’s team win their traditional Survivor series match, I just think there is too much tension between Natalya and Ruby Riott right now that will somehow come into play during the match. I am just wondering who the last member of the Smackdown Live women’s team is going to be since Charlotte can no longer do it. I say that we bring in Nikki Cross since she already wrestled on the show a couple of weeks ago.

3a278-15423479123483-800I don’t understand the point of having two heel tag teams face each other, but I am afraid to say that A.O.P. (Authors Of Pain) vs The Bar (Sheamus and & Cesaro) could actually be one hell of a match. I do not have too much invested interest in what 205 Live is bringing to the table only because I haven’t followed that in a while, but I like Mustafa Ali and what he brings so I’ll check it out when he challenges WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy. Now, the men’s traditonal Survivor Series match that sees Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Braun Strowman, Finn Bálor, and Bobby Lashley represent RAW as they take on Smackdown’s team of The Miz, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Shane McMahon, and Rey Mysterio should be a very interesting match. The line in the sand could be drawn from this match as we inch closer to the road to WrestleMania 35. I think the WWE lost faith in the Tag team version of the traditional Survivor Series match when they placed it on the pre-show, but mark my words it will set the tone for the rest of the night and reveal to you which brand will take it all this year.

749c3-15425097091585-800If you missed last night’s showing of NXT TakeOver: WarGames II then you missed one hell of a night. That event definitely set the tone for the weekend that it always does. The first match saw Matt Riddle, the king of bros, dispose of Kassius Ohno in seconds. With a little help from some friends Shayna Baszler disposed of her arch nemesis Kairi Sane 2-1 in a best two out of three falls match that left much to be desired. The next three matches are a complete toss up of what could be considered match of the night. First in what was an excellent match, Aleister Black and Johnny Gargano fought an epic match where both men left everything they had in the ring, but Aleister dug in deep and found a way to win hitting not one, but two Fade to Black’s. The very next match did much of the same as the previous match, but one thing is for certain. Even though the Velveteen Dream lost to NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa, he earned my respect and I look forward to watching this man whether it be in NXT or when he gets the call up. I loved the theatrics and the ode to Hollywood Hogan that Dream displayed last night. Last, but certainly not least the WarGames match once again lived up the hype as Ricochet, Pete Dunne, and the War Raiders went to war with The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Roderick Strong, and Kyle O’Reilly). Both teams blazed a path of destruction that I will never forget, but The Undisputed Era couldn’t get it done this time around. While it’s a hard choice to make, but the match of the night winner in my opinion is Aleister Black vs Johnny Gargano. Check out the event on the WWE Network and check out my predictions below for Survivor Series.

Smackdown is finally getting the win this year and here is how:

Smackdown wins the tag team traditional Survivor Series match

Team RAW will win the men’s traditional Survivor Series match

Team Smackdown will win the Women’s traditional match

Seth Rollins will defeat Shinsuke Nakamura

Brock Lesnar Defeats Daniel Bryan

Charlotte will defeat Ronda Rousey

The Bar will defeat A.O.P.

Buddy Murphy will retain his WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

WWE Evolution 2018: My Thoughts & Predictions


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WWE_Evolution_posterTonight is going to be one of the most historic nights in the history of pro wrestling and in WWE history because tonight is the first ever all women pay per view entitled Evolution. The WWE has been pushing the women’s evolution for about a coupe of years now and deservedly so because the product is so much better than it used to be. Tonight, you are getting two Women’s championship matches, A NXT women’s championship match, The Mae Young Classic final, and the return of two legends. The most interesting match and probably the match of the night will be WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch as she defends her belt against Charlotte Flair. They have been cutting the best promos in the past few weeks and Becky is exactly what we have wanted her to be as far as attitude and look. Let’s  be honest, who really believes that Nikki Bella is going to defeat Ronda Rousey for her WWE Raw Women’s Championship? I understand why they are doing it, but Nikki is not what we wanted. I haven’t  been watching the Mae Young Classic, but I am looking forward to seeing Toni Storm and Lo Shirai battle for the trophy.

20181022_Evolution_MATCH_BayleySashaNatalyaRiotSquad-1c1322d4fd699f44162c9cdc126bf5daI was looking forward to seeing the match that originally involved Trish Stratus and Lita taking on Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. The only problem is that Alexa has been pulled from the match and they substitute her with Alicia Fox which means Trish and Lita are winning tonight. The Historic Women’s Battle Royal is only historic because it features some current and classic battling for a chance at the championship which is the same as the Royal Rumble. The best part about it though is that Alundra Blaze is going to be competing it so that will be fun to see since she never lost her women’s championship. Now the other match I am looking forward to is the six women tag match that sees The Riott Squad taking on Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Natalya. I am hoping that the WWE makes the right call and let’s The Riott Squad win to build them as a legitimate team because they deserve it or at least Ruby Riott does. Shayna Baszler is one bad ass woman who I think restarts her reign of terror on NXT tonight. Here are my predictions and please enjoy history!!!

The Riott Squad over Sasha, Bayley, and Natalya

Trish Stratus & Lita over Mickie and Alicia

Lo Shirrai over Toni Storm

Shayna Baszler over Kairi Sane

Becky Lynch over Charlotte

Ronda Rousey over Nikki Bella

Asuka wins the battle royal

WWE Hell In A Cell 2018- My Thoughts & Predictions


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330px-Hell_in_a_Cell_2018_PPV_posterLast month, I tweeted all of my predictions for SummerSlam and it was not only because I was running out of time, but because I was disappointed in the product. I went into the night thinking that maybe the product wouldn’t totally suck, but they made some poor choices to go along with the really good ones. Nonetheless, I tried watching Raw the next night and I just could not take the product that they are producing. It’s so bad in my opinion that Smackdown Live is becoming the more appealing product. It’s becoming so bad that NXT is the supreme brand in that company and Cody Rhodes is looking more like a genius everyday. Did anyone happen to catch All In because that is how an event is done so the WWE should take notes. So to start out the convo about tonight’s pay per view which is Hell In A Cell, we have to look at what happened last month to lead to this one. For starters, we are getting the John Cena/Nikki Bella vs Miz and Maryse, but with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella because why not? That in my opinion is a pre-show match because I don’t want to see it.

3f3c0-1536848699-800One of the biggest things I don’t understand is why did you have Ronda Rousey destroy Alexa Bliss in their first match to only give her a rematch? Is Ronda only going to destroy her again or is she going to have something up her sleeve this time around? It’s just frustrating because you want me to believe that Ronda is the baddest chick on the planet who just wrecks people, but tonight Alexa will have fought a better match this time around.  Why give Braun Strowman the Money In The Bank briefcase for him to treat it like he is John Cena? We all knew a match between Strowman and Reigns was going to happen anyways, I’m just wondering if we are going to get an appearance from Brock tonight or what role will Mick Foley play as special guest referee. Can someone please tell me why in the hell are The New day tag team champions and why has it taken Rusev Day this long to be in the title picture? Can someone please help WWE creative get a clue already because Rusev Day has been hot for a while. The only thing I want to see is Rusev Day walking out with the WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Titles.

maxresdefault (1)Now let’s look at the things that they got right last month at SummerSlam and we’ll start with Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles. The match may have ended with AJ getting disqualified, but man you could feel the anger and tension at the end of that fight. These two want to kill each other in the ring and I am 100% buying into it. Becky Lynch’s heel turn last month was what everyone in the world wanted and they delivered. It’s the best programming going around right now in WWE Women’s wrestling and they have not disappointed a single soul yet. I want to see Becky Lynch continue with this mean streak well past this event and into the future because the lass kicker is here to take names. I like what Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler have been doing for a while together, but I am not sure if I like them being called Strowman’s Stooges. Nonetheless, all I want is for Dean to have his heel turn tonight and for Drew and Dolph to walk out as champions once again. I personally do not have any stock in the Orton/Jeff Hardy fight, but it’s nice to see that Jeff will finally have his first Hell In A Cell match ever. Check out my predictions below:

Rusev Day Wins

Team Bryan wins

Randy Orton Wins

Becky Lynch wins

Bliss will win by DQ

Strowman Wins

Joe wins by DQ

McIntyre & Ziggler win