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smackdownEssentially there was no Monday Night Raw other than the fact that they replayed the Triple Threat Match and the rumble itself on Raw. So, Smackdown was live from Hartford, CT which was supposed to be sight of Raw. The COO Triple H kicked off the show and he pumped up the crowd telling them that no one tells the WWE to postpone Raw and then he told the crowd that everyone told them they would never reach a million subscribers, but they did. The he talked about the Royal Rumble and how Seth proved that he was the future, John Cena proved his was the past, and that Brock Lesnar was the Beast Incarnate. He kept claiming that there was some controversy in the Rumble match itself and that unlike the NFL he deals with the controversy (He made an awesome joke about the NFL and balls). He showed some footage from the end of the rumble match and said that on Monday Night he was going to end the controversy with a huge announcement that would shake the foundations.

reignsWhen the match kicked off, The Big Show used his size to his advantage dropping some big punches to the midsection of Reigns. Every time Reigns tried to create some separation, The Big Show quickly ended it. At one point, Reigns gained some momentum hitting The Big Show with some big shots and he even clotheslined the giant to the outside and then we went to commercial break. Apparently, during the commercial break he knocked The Big Show out of the ring again, but when Show was in the ring, he hit Roman Reigns with a spear. He then started attacking the leg of Reigns, but it wouldn’t be long until Reigns made his final run. After a flurry, he tried to go for a superman punch, but The Big Show caught him and delivered a chokeslam. Reigns would kick out at two during the cover and The Big Show decided to go to the top rope. It would turn out to be a mistake as Reigns hit The Big Show with not one but two Superman punches which was followed with the spear for the win.

kaneThe WWE revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger was being inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall Of Fame. Then when the video was over, Seth Rollins came out with J&J Security boasting about how awesome he did at the Royal Rumble that he issued an open challenge to any superstar in the back and Ryback answered the challenge. J&J Security attacked Ryback along with Rollins and then Erick Rowan came out and he took out J&J Security. Before he could get inside the ring, he received a kick from Rollins stopping him in his tracks. When Rollins went back to take care of Ryback, Dolph Ziggler’s music came on and he ran to the ring, but he didn’t fare well and it was back to Ryback. Ryback tried to deliver shell shock when Rollins returned, but J&J Security saved him once again. They ran to the back and after Kane cut a promo about the casket match he was having with Daniel Bryan. After that, we found out that The USOS were in action next.

We found out that Tyson Kidd was in action with Jey Uso and for a while Tyson Kidd was in control of the match constantly working on the ankle of Jey Uso that he attacked. Jey tried to gain an advantage in the match with an impressive Samoan drop, but Tyson was too quick and too good and plus a distraction from Cesaro helped a lot as well. He would end up nailing a fisherman neckbreaker that sealed the deal and the win for Tyson Kidd. You have to be impressed with the team of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. They are an exciting tag team and their getting the job done as the Brass Ring Club.

rusevRusev came out the ring and he was visibly pissed off at the fact that he feels that he should be facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31. He was also pissed that he had to fight John Cena at Fast Lane. He claimed that Cena was old news, he had no desire, and that he was a loser. Then John Cena’s music came out and Cena delivered some thuganomics on Rusev and Lana. He then told Rusev that he wanted to fight, but Rusev backed out and left. We then found out that at WWE Fast Lane that Paige was going to go against Nikki Bella for the Divas Title. Then we cut to Renee Young who invites Paige for a quick interview, but that is interrupted right away by The Bella Twins who end up attacking Paige after they insult her.

brayWe then found out that Goldust and Stardust were in action against the newest tag team in the WWE The Ascension. The Ascension for the most part dominated the match taking it to Stardust who didn’t seem to be in the same page as Goldust. He was finally able to create some separation and he tagged his brother Goldust in who was on a roll. That wouldn’t last long as Stardust got a little selfish and he tagged himself into the match. Wrong move as The Ascension made quick work of Stardust, hitting him with the fall of man and the win. We saw R Truth and many others backstage with Wizard Wars man Justin Flom performing tricks with The Miz and Damien Mizdow. We then were treated to another brilliant promo from Bray Wyatt who may have revealed something to us for the future when he says that he is afraid of nothing alive or DEAD. Think about that for a second.

FullSizeRenderThe next match of the night was the casket match between Daniel Bryan and Corporate Kane. The match between the two was actual pretty even as both men were rbinging their best against each other. Kane was the first one to try and stick Daniel in the casket, but Daniel was able to punch his way out. After chopping down the leg of Kane like a tree with some impressive kicks, Daniel would try, but Kane was able to run out of the way before we went to commercial break. During the commercial break, Daniel continued to work on the new of Kane, but when he ran from one corner to try and hit Kane with his body, Kane moved out of the way. Kane was on the offensive as he tried to stick Daniel into the casket, but Daniel was resilient. Before we went to commercial break again, Kane came real close to stuffing Daniel in the casket. All he had to do was close it, but Daniel prevented that from happening. After going back and forth once again a million times, Daniel Bryan finally nailed Kane with the running knee and Kane went right into the casket and Daniel closed the lid for the win. This was a really good Smackdown, maybe they should go live more often.