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wm4You can’t have a countdown to the biggest event in sports entertainment without including the man that is finally getting inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in the Macho Man Randy Savage and as an added bonus you get to see Miss Elizabeth. For day four, we are going to WrestleMania IV which took place at the Historic Atlantic City Convention Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Now the background on this match starts all the way back to when Ted DiBiase tried to buy the title from André the Giant who had won it from Hulk Hogan on the first ever edition of The Main Event. WWF President Jack Tunney was not happy about this and he stripped André the Giant and Ted DiBiase of the title and for a while no one knew what he would do with it. He finally announced that at WrestleMania IV, they would have a tournament to crown the WWF Champion. After going through Butch Reed, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, and One Man Gang, Macho Man Randy Savage was in the finals to face Ted DiBiase who had a little bit easier of a road as he faced one less opponent than Savage did only facing Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Don Muraco.

macho 2As I stated above, Randy was still reeling from his match against the big One Man Gang when he entered this match and Ted DiBiase as smart as he is knew that. The Million Dollar man would take advantage of it and he took advantage of the fact that André the Giant was in his corner at ringside. Ted dominated the match though and to sort of try and neutralize André the Giant, Miss Elizabeth went to the back to grab Hulk Hogan to bring him to ringside. It didn’t pay off right away, but it would ultimately at the end of the match. While Randy went to the top rrope to hit the Savage elbow, André would distract the referee and Savage would miss the elbow as DiBiase moved out of the way. DiBiase would then slap on the million dollar dream on Savage while André had the referee distracted allowing Hogan to enter the ring with a steel cage. After Hogan nailed DiBiase with the chair, Savage would climb to the top rope and he would finally nail DiBiase with the elbow and the pin for the 1-2-3. Even though this was voted one of the worst WrestleMania’s, I was happy to see the Macho Man get his moment to shine as WWF Champion.