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rude-warriorIf there is any wrestler out there that I feel deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame besides the Macho Man Randy Savage or Demolition, it is definitely Ravishing Rick Rude who to me was an amazing heel in the WWE. Back at the Royal Rumble that year, Rick Rude went against The Ultimate Warrior in a posedown challenge where the winner was decided by fan reaction. The Ultimate Warrior won the posedown, but that just pissed off Rude who would attack the Warrior setting up a feud between the two and a showdown for the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania V from The Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey. One of the best things about seeing Rick Rude was seeing what his trunks were going to look like when he entered the ring and he had the IC Title printed right on them. Of course, it was always a pleasure to see the legendary Ultimate Warrior’s high octane run to the ring as he always did.

wm5Rick tried to start the match early by hitting the Warrior with a knee to the midsection, but he hurt himself cause the Warrior was still wearing the title. The Ultimate Warrior immediately started hammering the challenger with vicious punches to the small of the back. Then right away after throwing Rude like a rag doll into the corners, he grabbed him for a bear hug. After a rake to the eyes, Rude climbed to the top and he hit the Warrior with a missile drop kick, but when he went for the cover, the Warrior immediately threw him off. After a couple of bodyslams, he would slap in the bear hug again. Rude would eventually find himself out of the bear hug, but on his back as The Ultimate Warrior would attempt the running splash. What people didn’t expect was that Rude was smart as he placed his knees up to take to the impact of the splash. It seemed that Rude was firmly in control of the match at this point. One advantage that Rude did have in this match was the fact that Bobby “The Brain” Heenan was in the man’s corner and it paid off. The Warrior was about to suplex Rude back into the ring when Heenan grabbed the Warriors legs causing Rude to fall on top of The Warrior. While the referee made the count, Heenan held the warrior’s legs down for the 1-2-3 and Rick Rude was the new Intercontinental Champion.